A little piece of heaven


…this afternoon we sat outside in my friends amazing garden, drinking cold sauvignon blanc and admiring the tulips. While my balcony is fertile too, there isn’t much to see as its all happening underground: insect life in all its forms is preparing to break forth and devour anything that does grow, my pots are veritable grub nurseries….if I were a biology teacher I might welcome this situation as it is I am impatiently awaiting my nematodes……….

True to my word that from now on only plants that will survive a nuclear holocaust and hence my balcony will be put out there I left my friends armed with 10 pots of happy garden plants. I feel bad for them, they are now being put in a hostile unnatural balcony environment…….:( – but they knew happiness and had their moment in the sun with their roots in fresh loamy garden soil and the raindrops on their leaves – so hopefully they are in good spirits and will thrive ………..




2 thoughts on “A little piece of heaven

  1. They will survive …. and even in gardens there is war underground (-; and if not in the garden, then in the kitchen (as the ants last week proved)
    Greez Landkrauter

  2. This evening I planted the aquilegia, the forget me nots, my spoon plant, the angelica archangelica – I just love the name, moved the damascus rose to the spot you suggested, also coreopsis and roman chamomile are planted. Unfortunately not sure what the others are – which makes it a bit hard to plant. Cocohum was great – need to get more tomorrow. My balcony now looks like a map – mountains and valleys and little rivulets of water that ran from the pots and rained earth and bugs onto my neighbour below. I also inherited a slug from your garden – I threw it over the balcony, does that make me a terrrible person? Greetings Polianthus

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