Spring post-gardening menu – wild mushroom, feta and dried tomato and thyme tarte

Violet scented prosecco with a wild mushroom feta tarte, white farm fresh asparagus, homemade mayonnaise and rhubarb almond cake

A simple but impressive menu to serve after a day out in the garden. Before you start cooking grab a bottle of violet liquer, I like the Bitter Truth brand, and a cold bottle of prosecco from your fridge, where I always have one ready to celebrate any of life’s great occasions.  Pour some drops (start with 10ml = 1 Tsp.) of liquer into a champagne flute, don’t overdo it, as the taste can be overpowering. Add the prosecco – and admire the colour.  If you don’t have Violet Liquer, you can also try using Elderflower Syrup, Quince Syrup or of course Blackcurrant syrup.

Toast yourself and a friend or loved one if you have company, and although it’s generally nicer not to drink alone, sometimes a cocktail in the garden while surveying the labours of the day is not to be frowned upon. Now with your drink in hand you can get cooking.  

Wild mushroom, feta, dried tomato and thyme tarte

Pre-heat oven to 180°C,

1 pack pre-rolled out puff pastry (30cm x 10cm approx.), 3 cloves garlic finely chopped, 400g wild frozen wild mushrooms, thyme dried if you don’t have fresh available, dried tomatoes in oil drained and cut into strips a handful, feta cheese approximately 200g, olive oil 2 tsps.

Finely chop garlic cloves, heat olive oil in saucepan and add garlic stir until fragrant, take care not to burn. Add tomato, thyme, and wild mushrooms, and stir until mushrooms thawed and warmed through, stir in crumbled feta. Let cool and distribute on the puff pastry, you won’t evenly cover the dough, this is fine, you are looking for a thin layer in most places. Fold over edges of dough like an envelope flap on all sides – just to cover the first ½ inch (1cm) of filling – to make sure nothing can spill or melt off during cooking.

Bake until well done and serve with:

Fresh white asparagus and home made mayonnaise

followed by:

Rhubarb and almond amaretto di saronno cake


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