I feel sorry for my Auntie – or interview with Cydalima perspectalis

I met this little fellow and all his friends the other day on my aunt’s box tree. The tree was very sad, I felt bad for it. Cydalima perspectalis is a flashy fellow, he moves in large crowds and as his colours suggest, when he does something, he does it with a bang!

Tell us about yourself? I am, as you can see, extremely beautiful. I am a recent immigrant to Europe. My family comes from South East Asia. We are very hardworking in our chosen field and I have to say, with some pride, we are highly effective.

Cydalima perspectalis caterpillar
Source page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cydalima_perspectalis

Despite your weather, which I believe you have complained about a lot, we really like it here. We now have family members all over Europe, and we are expanding further!  We’re family minded and like to hang out with a crowd of relatives and we usually have a great time. Our parties are wonderful, we are always hungry, so when we are together, our mouths are full and we never argue! You humans must be jealous, we’ve heard a lot about your family parties… A  serious case of the munchies is a family trait for us; we are ravenous all the time. We eat our way very fast through box trees. But don’t worry,  luckily there are lots of box trees out there, so we won’t starve and you can be sure you will be seeing lots more of us in the future
You say you are highly specialised, in what way? Diet of course, we are highly specialised, box tree connaisseurs! Generally in Europe we eat Box trees (Buxus sempervirens). We really like then a  LOT,  you could say we honour every single leaf! We eat them straight off the tree, with no lengthy preparations needed. Let me show you a picture of Uncle Fred’s pre-pupation preparation celebration….

Box tree after the feast: Cydalima perspectalis

File:Buchsbaumzünsler frassbild IMG 4360.JPG

Box tree after the feast: Cydalima perspectalis

Hmm, yes indeed,  very impressive work, I will need to keep my eyes open for you….(note to self: no planting of box trees anywhere..) So what do you look like when you are all grown up?  As befits my age when I am an adult I leave behind the garish colours of youth. I like to think  it lends me a certain gravitas, important for a moth of world, not only for the man in business. Gravitas helps me with the ladies and brown and cream are very stylish summer colours. They suit both males and females equally I believe. Simple but effective.  Overall from caterpillar to butterfly we are a very attractive family, wouldn’t you agree?
File:Cydalima perspectalis, ♂ Buchsbaum Zünsler 1.JPGCydalima perspectalis butterfly: all grown up and ready to mate
Photo Friedrich Boehringer, Source http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Cydalima_perspectalis,_%E2%99%82_Buchsbaum_Z%C3%BCnsler_1.JPG


One thought on “I feel sorry for my Auntie – or interview with Cydalima perspectalis

  1. Very nicely described (-;
    and there will be enough food as long as all the garden centers and pro gardeners will
    sell the food to unsuspecting customers and shrug their shoulders desinterested when said customers return to complain…
    Greez Landkrauter

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