The go for a walk today challenge – and yes, I do know it’s hard to get off the sofa…….

Reasons why you want to stay indoors: It’s raining, or you had a tough week at work, and/or you have been in and out of airplanes, on late night TCs, or your children have been keeping you up and you are really tired, or there is a great show on TV, or nobody wants to join you. And all you want to do is snuggle into a fleece, put on some music, read a book or watch a movie and order in pizza, all from the comfort of your sofa, maybe even without getting out of your PJs. And even if you think you should go out, a quick look out the window – rain +  10° just makes you want to stay inside.

Reasons to go for a walk: you know you will like it, you know it’ll be good for you, and tomorrow is a work day and you will be stuck in an office.  Unlike our first ancestors we now all own lots of gear for all conditions, so there is no longer any real risk through exposure to the elements. You’ll see lots of exciting things, feel a connection to the world and your mind will marvel at the beauty of the world around you (if you live in a heavily industrial area, find a  park).

What I saw on my walk today:  I didn’t want to go, it was raining. But I did and on my walk today, I saw flowers, and wild deer, free range chickens and geese,   and a stall with free-range eggs and other farm produce  for sale, pine and deciduous trees, moss and many cultivated fields. I saw beehives, and bees, busy despite the rain, and it was so wonderful to be outside that we stayed out in the rain for 3 hours. And afterwards we  repaired to a restaurant for a slice of heavenly, well deserved chocolate cake. It was uplifting and I wonder (as I always do) why I don’t do it more often.

Clover on Sunday

So my challenge to you is 1) drop the remote control 2) call a friend 3) get on your wellies, and rain gear, or sunblock and sandals, if that is where you are in the world and head outside. I dare you!


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