Small blue butterfly in a field

Small blue butterfly

Back when I still had a blackberry and was perpetually frustrated by the quality of the pictures because I couldn’t be bothered to carry alternative cameras with me,  I remember a pragmatic colleague filming a belly dancer and sending her husband the video as a birthday gift – clever, I thought, go out with colleagues and make hubby happy all in one easy step. Possible thanks to the iPhone she was carrying, the video quality, despite bad lighting, was stunning.  Yesterday, I saw a small blue flower, which upon closer inspection turned out to be a small blue butterfly, and the picture you see here is thanks to the iPhone in my pocket.


4 thoughts on “Small blue butterfly in a field

  1. I saw the exact same tiny butterfly in my garden last week, not more than an inch across, maybe less. Never seen it before, what kind is it, isn’t it cute? Good thing you had your iPhone.

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