Sun, summer, wind, boats and the very beautiful Lake Biel in Switzerland I

Saturday Bieler lakeMan and beast enjoyed the beautiful Biel Lake today. A wonderful lake, a spectacular day, and so much to see kite-surfers, kayaks, catamarans, motorboats and of course the big tourist boats that take you round the lake or if you have time all the way down through the other neighbouring lakes. A day on the water, with the sun on your skin, the breeze in your hair and the promise of fresh pike from the lake and a glass of wonderful Riesling that was produced from grapes grown on the slopes around the lake, what more does one need to be content with ones lot in life than the promise of a wonderful culinary marriage of lake and land, truly a happy day.

If you have flown to Basel to see the Petite Camargue, you will be happy to know that Lake Biel is only 1 hour away by car from Basel and from the Petite Camargue! More information can be found here: And you will be even happier to know that you can drive there all the way through the beautiful Jura, the centre of Swiss watchmaking, part of the French speaking part of Switzerland, with a lovely landscape to drive through. So much to see!



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