Eradicating the black vine weevil and fungus gnats – use nematodes – they REALLY work!

I realise it has been a while since I gave any gardening updates, on the one hand because I have been out and about but but on the other and mainly because most of my plants are doing pretty well, so there has been nothing to complain about…..

Now that the weather has gotten a bit warmer my chili plants are doing really well, the peach tree still has miniature peaches on it, they are growing, I might even get to eat one, I am crossing my fingers. The petunias are in bloom, the begonias have lots of leaves and are starting to blossom, the edible geraniums are growing like mad, and although I have planned rose geranium scented panna cottas, and lemon geranium scented cocktails, at the moment the leaves are growing and I haven’t used a single one.  All plants are in rare health, not perfect but pretty good.

The rose has some issues with various fungus types and I still have the  odd issue with fungus gnats.  – it’s amazing how large their larvae are when you look at the tiny gnats. I found a larva once munching on my Egyptian basil plant’s roots. Long dead the plant sadly. The gnats got it.

Since the last time I treated my pots, I have had a carton of  surplus nematodes awaiting their turn of duty in the vegetable compartment underneath the carrots. They are well packaged, and harmless to humans, which I know wouldn’t sell storing them in the fridge to many people, but luckily nobody in the household is squeamish, which is a blessing.

Anyway thinking about nematodes I realised I never gave an update of the success of the first lot. Very bad experimental follow-up, after all if you know about the problem, the potential approach to solving it you generally want to know the outcome.

So an overall report on nematode activity – 95% of the pots I treated with nematodes a couple of months back are fungus gnat and otoryhnchus sulcatus free, I have not had anything munching the leaves on my balcony and the fungus gnats appear to have survived in one pot only which I treated again yesterday.

I conclude from now on I will be using nematodes, for my biological warfare where fungus gnats and vine weevils are concerned.


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