Not a Roman tuna, green bean and cannellini bean salad

Canellini bean saladWe had this for lunch today, and I asked where the recipe was from.  I was told – Hm it’s  a Roman recipe (Rome Italy, not Roman as in the ancient Romans). I probed a bit and in the course of our conversation learned: the Roman version has carrots and celery in it, also it is not made with tuna fish but with some lake fish,so the only thing the version above ends up having in common with the original appears to be the cannellini beans…but it was very good, it’s easy to make and you probably have everything in your pantry so you can make it up when you thought you had nothing in the fridge.

Soak 2 cups cannellini beans overnight in lots of water, some people add bicarbonate of soda to soften them up, I just leave them longer as I think the sodium bicarbonate softening makes them lose nutrients, but that’s my untested opinion. Or else use canned, but I prefer to soak my own. Next day boil the beans with plenty of water some onion and some stock until soft. Let them cool.

Drain a can of good quality tuna fish – ideally in good oil, I used the tuna in it’s own juice and the taste just isn’t as good. The taste of the tuna really shines through here so if you use low quality stuff you will regret it.

Chop 1 onion into fine cubes, and add some spring onion rings. I also had some green beans in the fridge so I added those.

Add salt, pepper a good glug of high quality olive oil, or two glugs, and some sharp acidic vinegar, white vinegar, to taste.

Simple, satisfying, healthy and fast! Oh and it’s not expensive either….


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