What a lovely surprise – a blogging award!

What a great surprise – I only started blogging a few months ago – it came about as a way to catalog random thoughts, things I want to remember and replaced my non-system of random notebooks, bits of paper and word documents scattered like confetti in various computers and paper folders throughout the house.  One of my first contacts and still most frequent contacts is the Novice Gardener – you could say she welcomed me to the family. I love her photos, her writing style and the recipes. She is so prolific in the kitchen that I sometimes wonder if she has a bunch of kitchen elves slicing and dicing and growing vegetables for her or if superman pops by to give her a hand!

So I now have the pleasure of accepting the award and of nominating those bloggers who blogs I frequently read, and enjoy in no particular order. From reading through the selections I realise it is the people and their stories that interest me, and that those are the blogs I end up returning too, even if the initial subject matter wasn’t food or gardening:

1) Arthur in the Garden http://arthur-in-the-garden.com/ – food and plants – and more plants that you didn’t know existed but you now know you want! USA

2) Pitter Potter Mad Gardener  pitterpottergardener.wordpress.com and Thumbelina at My 3) Nascence http://mynascence.wordpress.com/ – fun and thought provoking articles from halfway round the world INDIA

4) Oneanna 65 – an inspiring lady writing poetry and about her day to day battle with cancer. She wrote a story about the little prince and the dark lord of pain, it was creative and since then I check her blog regularly. https://cancerkillingrecipe.wordpress.com/

5) Travelicus – business nomad extraordinaire – reports back from flights around the world, experiences in hotels, taxis and airplane lounges – it’s in German but if you can read it it’s fun: http://travelicus.wordpress.com/

6) Landkrauter any blog that is called me, myself and I and tells you that if you don’t like the content then go write your own blog, is provocative and I like it. It’ s all about the plants and insects on this one, liberally laced with food and recipes and lawyerly musings http://landkrauter.wordpress.com/

7) Thankful Heart: southern recipes with southern cheer http://thethankfulheart.wordpress.com/author/rhondasittig/

8) Cottage Grove house http://cottagegrovehouse.com/ – oh the food!!

9) Cathy at http://cathydlaws.wordpress.com/

10) http://wayfaringteacher.com/ – yummy vegan recipes

Tiny White cottage would have made my list but I cannot for the life of me find the link -:( sorry tiny white cottage!

The rules for accepting the WordPress Family Award can be found here.


10 thoughts on “What a lovely surprise – a blogging award!

  1. Hey! Congratulations on your award. You have such wonderful blog full of gorgeous photographs! You are very deserving of the award. Thank you so much for the nomination! (let you in on a little secret…tiny white cottage is cottage grove house!) 🙂 So, I have to thank you twice! My gravatar picked up tiny white cottage from my email address…I can see it would be confusing. Thank you again, I am honored.

    • Well hello, that is a real relief, I spent quite a while googling tiny white cottage and wordpress and was invited to start my own blog as there wasn’t one, I was feeling guilty, so now I am VERY happy that you got nominated twice :)! You are very welcome by the way, you have the most lovely food recipes on your blog so it’s very well deserved!

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