Puglia – larder of the ancient gods

triangoliSunday has come and gone and no post from me, suffice it to say that down in the deep south WIFI connections and bandwidth can’t compete with the always on systems at home, temperatures are high, the sea is close and there is so much to eat that you need to sleep a lot to digest. Also absent camera connectors I cannot share photos of chilis and hibiscus,  lizards and locusts, and all manner of fresh fruits and vegetables. If there is a larder of the ancient gods – then Puglia is it. The land brings forth peaches, and melons,  olives and  tomatoes, all bursting with flavour, ripe from the trees and the soil, lemons and limes, lavender and chilis,  fresh mint and basil and big bunches of freshly picked grapes that are as good eaten fresh as they are turned into the local primitivo, the same grapes that are used to make Zinfandel in the US. Oh and if you are not full after homemade handmade pasta made patiently the oldfashioned way, served with freshly processed tomatoes and eggplants, then there is the seafood, so fresh, sold from carts on streetcorners, swordfish and mussles, pulpo and tuna, tiny prickly delicate sea urchins, or if your tastes run more to meat there are homemade polpette meatballs filled with cheese and ham and deep fried. And if it’s vegetarian fare that you have a hankering for then Puglia can pander to your every desire too – zucchini with mint and capers, stuffed and broiled peppers, eggplants with mint, tomato sauces, various breads and many cheeses,  – the diversity is amazing for a region where the cucina stems from those who lived off of the land. I have documented many recipes, taken many photos and look forward to sharing them with you all in the days to come!


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