Yellow double-flowered hibiscus

Double flower hibiscus yellowAt the garden center I found some lovely false jasmine, as well as a bush with sweet pea like flowers that I have never seen before. In addition also found the hibiscus pictured above. I’ve never seen a yellow flowered hibiscus before, orange yes, single flowers and orange, absolutely, yellow and double flowered, with a deep dark yellow like the sun going down over the ocean? Never.

So the  beautiful plant came home with us, and is now happily growing in a Southern Italian garden.


2 thoughts on “Yellow double-flowered hibiscus

  1. Hey there – lovely isn’t it – such a big flower too. Yes they are hardy in Southern Italy, and some of them even survive Swiss winters when they are planted in a sheltered spot in the garden but I felt that the hibiscus I found would be happier staying down in Southern italy rather than being dragged up to face the autumn in Switzerland. Have to find myself my own personal one now…..Hopefully some cutting propagation is going on so that I can pick up a new seedling on my next trip down 🙂

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