All pumpkins great and small…………….

all pumpkins great and small 3I have a confession to make – I have a lovely recipe here for red peppers with capers, white wine vinegar, and onions. A whole photo shoot of Nonna making meatballs and frying them on the patio and another one of pasta production from scratch,            outside, in the garden, under the jasmine blossoms with a backdrop of chili plants.

Brainy pumpkinIt was pretty I tell you! I even video’d the pasta production going on, this was a whole lot easier than churning out twisted tagliatelle one by one, but consequently I probably didn’t make such a good impression on Nonna who was trying to teach me…..The thing is I am convinced I am very practical, I have a big power drill (used about 4 x) to prove it, however my tagliatelle kept tearing…. we learn it takes a soft touch, patience and practice and focus to make pasta. The Novice Gardener, she of the silken hands, and preppy pineapple flowers,  would have had a field day……….So here is my confession  – I have a lot of photos of lovely pumpkins, all pumpkins great and smalland the pumpkins don’t need recipes attached, they are pretty, and interesting all by themselves.  The Apulia recipes however need writing down and validating… So here in the interim are some more pumpkins, and the recipes from Apulia, well they too will come, but not today……



2 thoughts on “All pumpkins great and small…………….

  1. As yet I’ve never made pasta from scratch. Some people within their posts make it sound so easy! Hmm, I’ll voice an opinion when I bother to make it.
    – Aren’t some of the pumpkins just great! My local store are already selling small orange ones with white markings. I have to have one as a prop! Even though they’re not that popular over here. Very few people bake or cook with them. I love ’em. Shame I can’t get my hands on more than one variety.

    • Hi Johnny They’ve only become popular here in the past 8 years or so, before then you were had pressed to find a butternut. I love the variety, mainly because they are beautiful to look at, but time in the US exposed me to eating them more and they grew on me! Surprised your farmers markets in the UK don’t have a larger selection.


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