Peanuts on pumpkins……

Peanuts and pumpkinsDoesn’t this look like a kindergarten project? Take a big pumpkin, hollow it out, cut out eyes and a nose with teacher’s help and then spend the afternoon sticking on peanut shells to make a really special Jack O’Lantern for Halloween (and can you imagine a more effective way of keeping small children busy and occupied?). Or was it the elves that did it, readying a pumpkin for transformation into Cinderella’s carriage? As far as we could tell it is in fact a “mother nature” special pumpkin!  We’d never seen one like it before, we were totally fascinated………….

*Photo possible courtesy of EB, she used my Iphone, not sure who took which pictures


4 thoughts on “Peanuts on pumpkins……

  1. I agree – I thought tumours too first, and then stuck on peanuts, and yes it is kinda cool – the protuberances serve no purpose other than to look funny to us!

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