Dewdrops in Ireland – Brigits celtic garden – Galway

DewdropsI’ve been away for a bit, hence no blogging, but many food stories and photographs coming soon. Like this one of dewdrops on the grass. Sometimes you take a photograph and then you fiddle with it, you enhance this and sharpen that and it becomes one of the many “fake” looking pictures you see everywhere. So I left this as it was. So much dew on the grass, so beautiful to walk through, not a raindrop in sight. The photograph was taken in Brigits garden in Galway, in October.

P1020488 P1020487 P1020486

Garden Design

The gardens are wonderful, a tribute to Ireland’s Celtic heritage and Celtic mythology. Panels mark the paths,  there is a lovely big sun-dial, ponds, and a mysterious forest, with ancient trees, trunks covered with moss,  soft ground underfoot and the air filled with the most beautiful sound in the world bird-song – joyous, uplifting and magical. Deep in the woods, surrounded by beauty,  I followed the warbling from tree to tree seeing nary a bird but recording their singing.

Photograph at left from the Brigits Garden website. If you are in the area, the garden is worth a visit, even this late in the year, wandering through the yew and ash trees, past the pond and the hawthorn  you feel as though you are connected to ages past, the future seems bright and full of magic and promise, anything seems possible and somehow if  Merlin suddenly appeared on the path in front of you, it would seem only right and fitting.


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