Impressions of Burren Art College – County Clare – Ireland

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In the middle of nowhere, near Ballyvaughan, a village with 280 inhabitants, lies the Burren Art College, surrounded by rolling hills, pastoral scenes and the wild Burren, with artist’s studios that you are allowed to walk through and tempt you to drop everything and grab a brush, this has to be the most idyllic place imaginable to get away from it all and paint. They do weekend courses, week long courses and more serious longer term ones. Such a great atmosphere I am tempted to go back.



2 thoughts on “Impressions of Burren Art College – County Clare – Ireland

    • It was a beautiful spot, and I loved the fact that you can paint there without worrying about the floor/walls of your house, but you can just get your colours out and throw them around 🙂 I love to paint, I have a big easel in the back of my work room, have loads of blank canvasses stacked in another corner, but spend most of my days at the computer writing for work. Burren art college brought home to me how much I missed doing something really creative, I satisfy the impulse a little by blogging and taking photographs though

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