Linnane’s Lobster Bar – New Quay – County Clare – Ireland


Locals love this place, it came heavily recommended, we drove round in the dark for 40 minutes before finally finding it, finding restaurants is hard with few street signs, no street lights and villages so tiny that they are a blip on the map and you are out before you realized you even drove through a village. We got there late, had a crab cake starter, not bad but smothered in creamy sauce, I like my crab cakes natural with the sauce if any served on the side not on the top, and certainly not a creamy, and if memory serves me well, cheesy (that seems wrong, but it’s what my memory is telling me) ah well, but the mussels were fresh, plump and delightful, the french fries were great also, and it all paired well with another O’Haras……


2 thoughts on “Linnane’s Lobster Bar – New Quay – County Clare – Ireland

    • Dear Rhonda, thank you. It was a beautiful meal and the road was winding and dark….and i was getting ever more impatient as we drove and drove in what seemed like interminable circles, the hour grew later and the promise of having what in my mind was fast growing to be the world’s best seafood dinner, appeared ever more unlikely with each passing minute. I was driving down one road when my partner in crime pointed to the GPS in consternation and said “this road ends in the ocean…” my reply? “seafood restaurant, has to be on the pier, no worries, all good, keep driving, hurry……vroom” – luckily he is not easily deterred and so managed to make me look at the GPS see that we were in fact heading for a big expanse of blue, which it being dark, and there being no streetlights, looked in “real sight” like any other stretch of road, and so convince me that driving into the ocean might bring us closer to the fishes* but not closer to the desired seafood extravaganza (* I know it’s not fishes, but somehow sounded better that way..)

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