Lunch when no-one is looking….or celebrating “normal food” –

IMG_1894A question to all foodie bloggers out there:  Do you perpetually eat the wonders you blog about? Such as foie gras with bananas,  home-made pasta with fresh personally fished uni sauce, complicated little cakes and cake-lets with wild animal stripes and pineapple flower decorations.? Do you dine solely on plates of creative fare that take hours to prepare, and that seem destined, if not purposely designed to inspire envy and awe in all readers and finders of your blog? If the answer is yes, then today’s post is not for you!

This post is for the rest of us,  those of us who, when faced with all the stuff they haven’t done and are starting to feel the guilt, sneak into the kitchen  and open a mushroom cup-a-soup packet to which they add boiling water, those who spread some crackers with peanut butter and horseradish cream cheese and slice some fruit; persimmons and apples and a red pepper and then eat while reading a complicated Italian cookbook…….Today’s post is in celebration of normal food: I salute you 🙂


Please share your thoughts!

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