Habanero chili honey

chili honey 1I love chilis, I love the taste of habaneros. I also had quite a few black habanero chilis in my fridge and I didn’t want to drown their delicate floral flavour in vinegar or oil, so I decided to experiment with honey. I firmly believe that chilis and honey were made for each other, ever since I woke up one night imagining a dessert with chilis, and honey and hot dough and cold, cold vanilla ice cream. I haven’t created it yet but when I do and it comes out ok I will post.

Chili Honey

Have sterilized jam jars ready, I clean mine and then pour boiling water into them and into the lids. I then leave that for a bit, then pour it out and fill the jars with honey. There are lots of ways of doing this though.

You will need:

500 kg liquid honey. Use a honey without a pronounced flavour (ie. avoid clover, pine honey, lavender etc.) you want a good liquid honey. 4 tablespoons simple syrup I made my own using a recipe in the Aqua cookbook, but you can find recipes all over the web. For example here: simple syrup. 6 black habanero chilis take care here! mine are medium hot, depending on how hot yours are you may want/need to use more or less.

What you do: Wearing gloves slice the chilis into slices about 2mm wide, discard the stem and the green bit at the top. Heat the chilis and the simple syrup in the saucepan and boil for about 6 minutes while stirring, when the chilis are starting to soften and look “cooked” add in your honey and bring to the boil for about 1 but maximum  2 minutes. You don’t want to boil the honey for too long. Pour the honey into small jars (1ooml) and give as presents to your friends. Goes well with a gentle white goats cheese, you can dribble it over the cheese, maybe add some walnuts, maybe with some leafy some greens below.



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