“Last” minute gifts – mint geranium and sugar scrub


In all honesty this is only last minute if you happen to have a large mint or rose geranium growing anywhere near you. Otherwise you can just make an olive oil scrub. As usual on this site this recipe has no fixed ingredients but a pragmatic approach – is meant to be more inspirational than institutional.  Anyhow, pick a nice clear glass jar that you want to use for your scrub – fill it about 80% full of sugar – I like to use 1/4 white to 3/4 brown, as brown makes a more satisfying scrub. Pick nice fresh leaves from your scented geranium. Pour the sugar + leaves into a blender  and mix until it is all finely ground, or else do it by hand as I did with a mortar and pestle which is very satisfying, very creative feeling and extremely messy…….  grind the sugar into the geranium  leaves until you have a paste which will still have bits of leaf in it. I kept on mixing in leaves until my sugar had a scent and was green flecked. Ideally you now fill your jar with the sugar/geranium mix and wait for 2 weeks for the scent to develop, at this point you can use the sugar for cooking. However, if you are after a short and fast present you can  fill up your scrub with olive oil (not extra virgin pick an non-flavoured oil) or if you are feeling flush fill up with almond oil and mix it well. Wrap a pretty bow around it – and voila! You could also use sugar, almond oil and vanilla essence as well as some grated orange rind if you like and have nothing else to hand.

IMG_1852 IMG_1854


One thought on ““Last” minute gifts – mint geranium and sugar scrub

  1. Hi–we have lemon geranium that has leaves like the frillier ones you showed– I use them all the time to fill out jars of flowers– but I love your ideas for the sugar & scrub!! I think they might work. thanks!

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