Panorama of landscape and Doonagore Castle, near Doolin in County Clare, Ireland

Ireland panoramaIf after the hustle and bustle of eating and sleeping and talking with lots of people you decide you need to get away from it all, then there are worse places than Ireland. The castle above, however, is according to the Wikipedia unfortunately a private holiday home 🙂 – so you cannot go there unless you have the right connections. Luckily Ireland is full of wonderful bed and breakfasts offerings and so you can be sure you will be taken care of, fed and watered well, and given lots of attention, even if your abode is a little more humble and down to earth than the imposing building above and you won’t be able to call on wait-staff to coddle you.

On a culinary Ireland related topic: I have to my immense satisfaction managed to locate some Bulmers’ cider today,  no Galway Hooker as yet, the only pale ales on offer remain India pale ale, which is a whole different animal.. alas…  And  unfortunately as both my emails on the topic went unanswered 1)  the first one to the Galway Hooker brewery asking them where I could source their brew here, 2) as well as my second email to our local wine-merchant recommending the beer for his shop, making a case for the taste and the name both – I must make do with what I can find and Bulmer’s cider is a worthy substitute and I highly recommend it.  I also got some Magners cider so I could compare the two, and am considering drinking a cider with a cheese fondue rather than the classic fendant, might even work well mixed into the cheese instead of the classic wine. Will see how adventurous I feel today 🙂


2 thoughts on “Panorama of landscape and Doonagore Castle, near Doolin in County Clare, Ireland

  1. This picture reminded me of our recent trip to Ireland in June 2011. First to Dublin for a couple of days. Trained to central to stand on my ancestral homeland. Then, to Galway for 6 days. Beautiful. we will go back.

    Thank you for following my blog.

    • Dear Jim – your ancestral homeland is beautiful indeed – thanks for visiting and having a look round, we follow many of the same blogs and I kept seeing you pop up 🙂 so look forward to seeing more of your work – Polianthus

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