Dance like nobody’s watching


Dublin 2013 – I stood and watched as children danced to the sound of the harp-player, they twirled, spinning their umbrellas and soft toys, oblivious to the passers-by.  Their happiness so contagious I just stood and watched entranced – it was a cold and slightly rainy day – but watching the spinning kids my heart was light and the enormous grin on my face stayed there for the rest of the day. Remembering those moments now the smile is back. How often we forget how much happiness we can experience and how little it takes.

IMG_1214  IMG_1222

13 thoughts on “Dance like nobody’s watching

  1. PS I wasn’t sure whether posting pictures of kids is ok, I did ask the mum if I could photograph her children, she said yes. I figure that seeing as I don’t know the kids, there is no link to me, there is no way of identifying them, and therefore they are not placed at risk by my posting their photos. If any of you have thoughts on this I’d be curious. Privacy act wise there isn’t an issue I checked that as pics taken in public place.

    • I’m not sure I could help you here. If the mother agreed, then maybe it’s okay? But then again, you’ll never know nowadays when you don’t have a written permit.

      Hey, did you see Wawrinka beating Djokovic, finally? I’m talking tennis. I’m getting to like Wawrinka. See, I’m not against the Swiss. 🙂

      • Hello my dear novice gardener, love the island pics btw, and your zero to hero challenge, which of course once again I didnt manage to do…Thanks for your comments, as far as I could find you need written permission if you are going to use the pics commercially, but rules differ from country to country. Anyway from what i found seems ok – and stepping up to people on the street and saying, I want to put you on my blog – sign here seems a bit extreme. Especially as you don’t always know what you want to use later.
        Re Tennis, glad you are softening a little! havent seen a single match, but as federer will be playing Nadal soon I will be watching that one, as much for Nadal as for Federer. 🙂

      • I think you’re right. I don’t see any problem.
        I can’t wait to watch the match, Polianthus, and this time I won’t be hating Federer, promise! 🙂 That Wawrinka, though, was impressive!

      • apparently was a really good match, read about it last night. Must make sure to catch Federer – promises to be a really good game, like both Nadal and F. 🙂

  2. Children are the best. Love these pix! They capture the joy of the moment. Personally, for all the reasons you have stated, I don’t think there’s any problem with posting the pix.

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