Savoury puff pastry pretzels

IMG_2163Ok I don’t pretend that this is a recipe. At a recent training course I attended the lovely instructor brought these along for us to have with sparkling wine to celebrate course success. I found this touching, and I also  liked the way they looked and the fact that you could have all the ingredients ready in your pantry and freezer and therefore be ready to host guests who appear at inopportune moments. So this post is really more of a reminder to you all than a recipe!

What I did: – buy the puff pastry ready rolled out, chop dried tomatoes (the kind that come in jars of oil) and spread them on the base, I ran out of dried tomatoes and spread the rest of the dough with crumbled feta cheese and pepperoncini which thankfully already came ready to go finely chopped in oil. I then put the dough back into the fridge to chill because I thought that would make cutting easier. Pre-heat oven to 180°C, when the dough roll is chilled take it out, cut it into slices, put them on baking parchment and bake until through. About 15- 20 minutes. Let cool and store probably not more than a day I would guess.

Alternative filling ideas: Zaatar + olive oil, pesto, cumin and rough sea salt,  pesto of course, in fact really pretty much anything you can think of, tapenade might work too. Your imagination is limited only by the contents of your storage cupboards 🙂


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