Green pea and mint soup – or what to eat when you forgot to shop…

IMG_2170Those of you, who like me, start the day with good intentions only to have them thwarted, will be able to relate to this post.

This morning I looked through the fridge and being met with big empty nothingness, discounting the pack of nematodes I have stored away for a rainy day (and no they don’t harm humans, and yes they are very well stored), looked through my vegetarian cookbooks and decided that this evening I would be serving a green papaya salad followed by sweet and sour tofu with fresh pineapple. Both dishes would have involved some extensive shopping,   seeing as neither green papayas nor pineapples grow anywhere on my balcony (and no I haven’t tried), but the day was young and I was optimistic.  Anyway 10 hours later I look up from my computer screen and a on a sortie to the oh so distant kitchen discover that 1) the fridge is still empty 2) the freezer is empty as well 3) the shops are closed 4) it is very late and I am too tired to drive to the next open shop.

After repeatedly opening and closing fridge and freezer doors, which didn’t have the desired effect, i.e. that they were suddenly stocked with food, I grabbed a bag of frozen peas and 15 mint leaves off my mint plant, which obligingly is still happily growing throughout the winter. The recipe, if you can call it that (I don’t assume people want or need exact recipes for this kind of thing, or would measurements add value? Any thoughts?): I threw the peas into water, boiled till done, added the mint leaves pureed everything with a hand-held blender, until I had a nice smooth blend. Decided I liked it thick, seasoned with a little salt and served it with home-made Norwegian bread I made a couple of days ago when I remembered to shop. That was our starter. The main course was vegan lentil (store cupboards always have extra lentils) and zucchini chili with rice, which if I do say so myself was quite lovely and when I next make it I will write down the recipe 🙂 to post.

Bon appetit all.


5 thoughts on “Green pea and mint soup – or what to eat when you forgot to shop…

  1. Ingenious! It’s such a pretty color. And I’d love to see you lentil zucchini chili recipe. We had lentil chili tonight for dinner, but it never crossed my mind to add in zucchini! Sounds great.

    • thanks very much Rhonda – so nice to have you back with us. When work calls you add in what you find. On a positive note, I used to work so much I never did anything else but now at least I blog and throw together lentils and zucchini – which I would never have done actively but they were both available and so that is what happened

      • Yep, I agree about not letting work take over your life. Being a teacher can be consuming– but I try not to take work home and we have those glorious summers off. Love that. I’m glad you have blogging time!

      • Glorious summer holidays – I always envied teachers those, but then you have a very consuming job indeed, especially if you let it, with all those parent teacher meetings, and everyone wanting their child to be the next star of something, at least that is how I imagine it!

  2. Thank you Rhonda 🙂 – it is a pretty colour I agree, and when I served it I was told that it’s traditional for southern italy to serve peas with mint and rice, not pureed pea soup with mint but still apparently it’s italian inspired. But then everything we create has probably been here before in some shape or form. Lentil chili is wonderful, thanks for reminding me, must try it out again and then I’ll post and we can compare recipes Have a great weekend.

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