The sky is often blue behind the clouds

shadesofgreycloudbanksandhillsAnother photograph, another country (Antequera, Spain), another season (late Autumn), another forgotten folder…..

This was taken on a sunny day with clouds, the lights in the sky changing every couple of minutes, enhancing the mystery and beauty of the barren landscape. And although it looks sepia-tinted it is in fact a colour photo, as witnessed by that little bit of blue sky you can see in the right hand top corner.

I guess that the photos one picks on any given day reflect that day – and so for Wednesday 5th February my motto of the day is: the sky is often blue behind the clouds.


4 thoughts on “The sky is often blue behind the clouds

    • Dear Fig and Quince – thank you for taking the time to “engage” with the text and the picture, it means a lot to me in our fast-lived times that you did. And that you let me know. Thank you.

    • dear bythesparklingsea, thank you very much for your kind words – sometimes the simplest truths are the ones that challenge us the most. Or I should say me!. Thank you for stopping by and looking round the blog, I appreciate it a lot. All the best for a good week Polianthus

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