The essence of freedom in fields of blue

Golden Circle - Glacier country blogI have always loved large landscapes, the Negev desert, Iceland’s glaciers,  the Mongolian steppe… And I’ve always desired to capture the emotional impact of what I saw:  landscapes and locals, lives,   livelihoods,  children,  crops and creatures. In shadow and in light, in beauty, ugliness, poverty, decay and all things between. Wanting to portray a reality, which though alien, felt within reach through my camera’s mediation: the essence of a moment, no posing, just what is. Such a simple thing, and although it’s hard to truly relax into who we are, it is often so much more than enough – and on film so much more beautiful than anything we can try to portray ourselves as being.

The picture above was taken in Iceland in May 2009 on a trip called the Golden circle tour.


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