Intoxicated with joy in the bounty of life, the sunshine and the promise of spring – bumblee on crocus – a tableau


On a wonderful spring walk I was surprised to see a bumblebee, avidly gorging on crocus pollen, so enthusiastic in it’s task of collecting that it was covered all over with bright yellow pollen. As I watched fascinated it clambered above and below and around the crocus flowers, feasting here and there and leaving a trail of pollen, like the breadcrumbs in Hansel and Gretel, glowing gloriously yellow, in its’ wake.  It was a sunny and warm day and like myself the bumblebee seemed to be reveling in the sunshine and the promise of spring. I was entranced and watched for a while,  happy that I could observe something so small as an insect engaged in an energetic and joyful exercise, and derive so much pleasure from it, and even feel a kinship with it.   The pollen covered insect made me think of  a small child covered from top to toe with chocolate cake,  or an a grown-up inhaling a handful of crunchy salt and vinegar crisps on a  Friday night, when nobody is watching, because when someone is watching we are always controlled and on our best behaviour. Gone the free joy of insects and small children.


IMG_2254Which is a shame. These pictures to me, represent how I feel when life is good, carefree, and lived in the moment, mindfully.  Full of opportunities, full of joy, full of choices, chances, happiness and sunshine. They also show that small things can give great happiness.  And they remind me that going out for a simple walk, can lead to wonderful discoveries and observations, that would have passed me by had I stayed dutifully glued to my computer.

So for today’s fiesta friday, happening over at the Novice gardener Angie’s blog I am bringing the joy of spring and the anticipation of good things to come (oh and I have a gougelhopf in the oven that I will bring along later)….

19 thoughts on “Intoxicated with joy in the bounty of life, the sunshine and the promise of spring – bumblee on crocus – a tableau

    • Hi Nancy, thank you so much for coming over, yes although the winter is still around in many places, the soft breath of spring can be felt on the morning air and on days like yesterday, the world seemed full of good things to come

    • ah I should have known that some of you know what I am talking about 🙂 you make me feel part of an illicit crisp eating group, thank you 🙂 spring comes and goes here, but the crocus in the sun was pretty special and I’ll hold onto that!

    • thank you very much – and it was taken with my trusty, trusty Iphone – which is an amazing tool considering it’s mainly a phone. I do have proper cameras but Idon’t carry them around as I am too lazy. And life and good shots usually happen when you are not looking for them!

  1. thank you Sreejith, I am glad I am not the only one, love your comment: sometimes produces images comparable to the SLR – so true, sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t – in my case with the bee because it was so focused on the flower I had a lot of time to get really close and wait for a shot, no high-speed issues to have to master 🙂 – on another note you will be happy to hear that I am planning on excavating my idli pan from the basement and making some rice/urid dal idlis with coconut chutney!

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