Above us only sky……

IMG_0604I thought it was fiesta friday again – and it is on planet Angie where Fridays are many hours longer than they are anywhere else. In my world it is a Wednesday,rainy and cloudy and filled with the thought of an imminent weekend…….In the interim I am cheered up by the sky above – impossibly beautiful, the way usually only natural phenomenon are, despite how they are captured. In this case the photo was taken from a driving car, with an iphone, on the motorway, out a closed window and still it reminds me of the ceiling of the Sistine chapel.

6 thoughts on “Above us only sky……

  1. Hello my dear Angie – thank you very much! I love my Iphone, I use it more to take photos than to actually make phonecalls with..

    PS I own cool cameras with cool lenses that weigh a ton and unless I am going on a proper long distance holiday with a car or a lackey (just kidding sadly) where I can get someone to carry my stuff I use the Iphone. Now if the I-phone didn’t take such darn good pictures I’d be unhappy and find another solution, as it I am VERY happy with the quality. Maybe I should do an Iphone pic challenge, akin to your fiesta friday, only then I’d need to figure out the complexities of link adding etc…

    • hm – well – I am pretty sure it was the iphone – I did have other cameras in the car …hm – i iwill go and think about it – in general though the Iphone takes great pictures better than any other phone I have ever used for photos, so it is possible. The bee picture was definitely the iphone.

  2. I love looking at the sky. This is such a beautiful capture. Delights the soul. Thank you for sharing!

    You’re making me have second thoughts about spending money on an expensive camera for an upcoming trip …

    • Hi there – thank you very much for tuning in again. I suspect you have a poetic soul and I always look forward to your visits!
      My thoughts on iphones (expensive) versus proper cameras (also expensive ::) well if you have an iPhone you already know it takes great pics. But if you are still thinking of buying an additional camera then there must be an instinctive reason (other than you want to spend money ::) that you want to get one – for panorama shots the iPhone is brilliant, for macro if your subject like my bee, is happy to stay still. For portrait photographs and anything where you need a flash, or if you want to take photos in the dusk then the iPhone is not going to make you happy. One of my work colleagues did video a young belly dancer in turkey with her iPhone and sent the pic home to her husband, it was his birthday, and the quality was brilliant despite it being dusky in the room, but in general for anything where you need to change settings you’ll need to get an additional camera. Probably. Or just take photographs during the day. If I am going on a short/business trip I’ll bring the iPhone, if I am going on a long trip where I know my senses will be delighted I always bring an SLR and a couple of different lenses. I also find it takes me a day of continuous shooting photographs to get anything useful in a new environment. For hiking, walking trips – it’s just the iphone again. Most of my photos on this site are Iphone – with the exception of anything from China, Mongolia, Russia, and India (all SLR), Iceland (small digital camera) – all these trips were pre-iPhone 🙂

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