It’s Friday, let there be cake!

In answer to a post last week by Odds and bods – eclectic socks – nope ecleticoddsandsods, there I got it…..FDM_0006

The cake above I photographed in one of my favourite bakery windows, I love Swiss bakeries, they all have the traditional goods, and then their own specialties. Most of the bakeries are small, their wares  are delicate and hand-made, no enormous muffins, large pieces of icing topped carrot cake, or garishly iced birthday cakes  (which, don’t get me wrong, absolutely do have a right to exist in other places). The really good ones are family run businesses, which adds a certain something, and when a bakery goes out of business you know with tears in your eyes that you will never eat another specialty by that bakery, because the recipe is lost forever. Tragic. I spent half an hour today reminiscing with a friend about bakeries that have closed down and the cakes and cookies and breads we miss – years later. Another great thing about Swiss bakeries is that they are beautiful, some of them make me think of Hänsel and Gretel and the bad witch, they are so full of temptation, for proof click on this photo for Bäckerei Krebs.

This is the land of delicate natural flavours and small things. The cake above won first prize in a competition held for baking students in their third year of apprenticeship to be a baker. I thought it was stunning. Anyway I digress,when I saw the cake I was reminded of a post by one of our blogging “circle” – and Fiesta Friday party friend – Odd’s and Bods.And I wanted to share the cake above in comparison to the Harrods cakes below.

The Harrod’s cakes were posted by eclectic Sods, hm it took me ages to find the website. They are insanely expensive.  The cakes can be ordered from Harrods, they cost an arm, a left and your first-born if you have one, if not your cats, dogs and pet goldfish, and at a pinch your dust-bunnies I suppose, that is if they are of value to you! The golden Cleopatra Cake at left is a paltry 4300 Gbp (around 6020.- dollars)…..I guess your first-born is cheap after all. I am re-posting here – for the whole story, intimate pics of Harrods a good giggle and the sod’s (:)) take on cake go read the original blog.    

So today to Angies Fiesta Friday Festivities, I come bearing a bride – and in honour of spring I will clad myself in a robe made of fresh daffodil flowers, hold the taffeta…….

PS for the eclectic sod: : In order to find the post I ended up googling Expensive Cake and eclectic sods and finding the post on the blog (Dear Sod 🙂 I seem to remember you are called Heather, but I cannot find that in the thread either, please please put tags on your posts, and add in a search function to your blog…Please?).

27 thoughts on “It’s Friday, let there be cake!

  1. wow I couldn’t believe that was a cake!! Amazing. PS there is a search availability on my blog 🙂 There is a tab on the side that swings across a menu, the search is at the top, grins, also I do tag, but I guess I didn’t tag expensive Harrods cake lol. Thank you so much for posting my post, very kind of you, one of the links saying original blog doesn’t work but the other does that says blog…and my name is Justine, hehehe, all good fun! You know, now I need some cake to eat, how about you?

    • well I think it was a cake, but in all honesty, where is the cakey bit – the bodice I guessed? Then again it would be a little weird cutting into the bride – gives getting a piece, a whole different meaning. Hm. The title in the shopwindow was centrepieces, so maybe it’s not a cake as such but a decorative centrepiece for a window? Although am sure if you wanted to get a cake made like it they would oblige you. Now you have made me think about it it reminds me of a great book by Margaret Atwood: the edible woman, written in the 70ies where the protagonist ends up baking herself a big woman shaped cake, and eating the whole thing by herself. Lots of symbolism there….

    • Hello Non-Heather, aka Justine, I am glad that I made you giggle – what I wrote was really my brain frantically trying to find your name and your blogs name 🙂 absolutely a compliment!

      • clever little sod, lucky sod, charming sod, – let’s face it, anything is better than being “someone’s little princess” – just imagine how you would have turned out – you might even be at risk of buying ridiculously expensive froufrou cakes, because you are worth it. Give me a sod any day (ps as a kid when I was sent home from my neighbours because they wanted to eat dinner, I threw a rock through their front door window – it was closed (I was three) ….it broke. my parents were livid, my neighbours loved it – because they had wanted new glass for ages but weren’t able to afford it and thanks to me the insurance paid….

      • Haha that’s funny! What a naughty spirited child you were. I remember my mum called me sausage too! I started to call my eldest it and he got quite upset with me I wonder why? Lol. I think it was because I put the word ‘little’ before sausage?

  2. Haha, sod, bod etc was making me giggle too, and what a bodice cake! I’m not sure what they put into the Cleopatra cake, it had better be something like saffron cream to be worth that kind of money?

  3. You crack me up! Odds and Bods and Sod? LOL… Really, polianthus, you should pay attention next time you’re introduced to new friends. Anyway, what the heck? That’s a cake? Then it’s missing a big part …. uh…. the cake part. Then again maybe that’s the bride, but it’s missing a big part….uh….the bride part! Oh god, this was funny, thanks for the laugh! 🙂

    • I am suitably chastised and promise to do better in another life. I did find the Sod in the end, with the right website and everything, I even linked back 🙂 – and I let you share the journey! Interesting and interestinger (as Alice in Wonderland would say – which is the cake and which is the bride? And why do neither have a head? And what does it all mean? Happy weekend thanks for visiting as always and letting me come to your party, even if I cannot remember peoples names…

    • oh the chocolates are what I would go for too, and in the late summer in cherry season, or is that early summer, I should know but I forget, they have these amazing chocolate cakes – with cherries in the batter. I should try to recreate them one day. They are chocolatey but not heavy so that the cherries and the chocolate both come into their own. Yum!

  4. Oh what a cool post! Loved reading about the Swiss bakeries. And what! $6200 for cake … I mean … wow!

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