My favourite kind of business lunch – hands down!

IMG_2299I love restaurants where you can draw on the table “paper”, where you can sit and discuss stuff, and where when you leave there are loads of graphs all over the place in the midst of the debris of your meal. While I don’t pretend that any ideas of great genius found their way onto today’s table “paper” – I felt stimulated and excited after lunch, no post-prandial slump in sight.

Happy Wednesday all!


9 thoughts on “My favourite kind of business lunch – hands down!

  1. you would be surprised at how much fun it is πŸ™‚ many years ago on a first date the guy I was dating was shy and we ended up having long discussions about topics he was comfortable with – he ended drawing the formula for nitroglycerin on a napkin. That was fun, but then I love the TV show the “big bang theory” and cannot understand why anyone would want to be Penny – which according to US media is all people aspire to be, sad sad sad. But you probably don’t know the series. For me as long as I am challenged and kept interested and have new things to think about and play with I am as happy as a clam. There must be more people out there who would love to go wild and draw on the table “paper” πŸ™‚

    • Hi Rhonda – those of us who like to communicate with pens and pencils, the illustrators ( Azita), the teachers (you), and the I don’t know what I will be when I grow up (me) seem to love drawing on tablecloths – thanks for stopping by, I am sure we’d have a lot of face exchanging stories of our travels and adventures, I’d love to hear about yours too! Happy Monday Poli (:) like the nickname!

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