Swiss Swedish Cardamom buns – aka Semlor

Ok I had to make them, the picture on Ridha’s website was too tempting.Now while Ridha has her hubby take perfect food photos; I have myself, my impatience and my iphone. So the photo below may not embody the perfection of the buns, but trust me, they are the most wonderful bun I have ever taken out of my oven. If someone had told me a bakery had made them I would believe it.

I adapted Ridha’s recipe a bit methodwise and used my breadmaking machine, also adapted to 1/2 quantities as I cannot for the life of me make 30 buns and plan to eat them all, although after eating the first 2 I figure the other 28 would have vanished in no time.

IMG_2290One of the joys of making a recipe that someone else has posted and that is from a country you are alien to, is that you are allowed to take certain liberties. (at least I think that is the whole point). The dough I made as follows in my breakmaker: 1) add 550g flour + 7g yeast instant + 100g sugar and stir 2) warm milk 210ml in a saucepan (the other 15 ml are made up by the egg) + 100g butter until butter is melted and mixture is warm but NOT hot 3) add milk and butter mixture to flour and yeast, and add 1 egg 4) add 8g cardomom ground 5) switch on machine to “dough making function” and enjoy the knowledge that your breadmaker will knead and warm your dough to perfection. When the dough has finished leave in the breadmaker until it has risen to the lid. Preheat the oven to 175°C – form buns (90g each, I got about 13 buns out of my batch) – put the buns in a pan, cover and leave to rise again about 15 minutes. Put buns in the oven for about 15-20 minutes, like bread they will sound hollow when tapped lightly. Now I admit I did make the pastry cream and I also added the almond paste, but when I bit into my first warm cardamom bun I couldn’t see the point of adding a sweet almond filling. I loved them just as they are. Maybe I will fill one tomorrow to see how it tastes the proper way, but for right now, I am planning to have one for breakfast with a coffee. Slightly sweet, light, fluffy but solid bun perfection with a cardamom flavour. Perfect with an early morning coffee!


15 thoughts on “Swiss Swedish Cardamom buns – aka Semlor

    • hello saucy gander, they are spectacular, can highly recommend. I still wouldn’t bother with the almond paste cream filling though – and I have eaten quite a few buns since yesterday….terrible me. I am flattered that my photo with no extra fiddles and lighting and reflectors etc made them look tempting. thank you! good luck with the buns 🙂

    • 🙂 I see a kindred spirit eh? I look at other food bloggers and imagine how much time they spend on getting the pics just so, for landscapes I find this easy but then that is about light, mood and moment and your camera, at home setting up reflectors and various flash facilities just seems like too much hassle. although the results themselves are always stunning…

  1. ok I have just calculated the kcal count of my recipe above – according to – if I add up all the ingredients for the above I reach around 1307 kcal for the total batch – if we assume that you get 12 buns per batch that clocks your kcal at 108 per bun. This seems low, weird huh? If you type in semlor for regular counts you get 367 kcals which was depressing me as I just made another lot and would like to eat them (yes they really are that wonderful)….

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