Crepe Normand – apples and caramel ice-cream doused in cognac and flambeed – am I too late for the party?

IMG_2333Simple desert but oh so good, I had this in a restaurant in Colmar the other day, in the beautfiul Alsace region I have written about before. So don’t have a recipe, but then you don’t really need one. Take your favourite crepe recipe, don’t use american pancake recipe for this, but make sure it is a crepe recipe ie with no baking powder. Per person I guess you’d need about 1 apple, peel it, core it, chop in to slices and then cut each slice in half, see picture, sautee apple in butter until softened but not soft. Get cognac ready and warm it in a small pan – check online how to go about it – you light the warmed cognac before you pour it over the crepe.  Steps 1) get the apple ready 2) make the crepe 3) distribute apple on crepe and fold over as above,  dust with icing sugar if you would like 4) put some caramel ice-cream or vanilla if you’d like on top 5) warm the cognac and light it and pour over the crepe

So although I am late for Friday, it’s been a busy weekend. this is my offering for Angies Fiesta Friday

20 thoughts on “Crepe Normand – apples and caramel ice-cream doused in cognac and flambeed – am I too late for the party?

    • Hello my dear, I had visitors from the US for the past weekend, a dear dear friend, and I have been taking her to see the sights, and i squeezed in 20 minutes last night leaving her to her own devices to join your party.Does that make me a very bad hostess? My cat was cuddling with her though, so they both seemed cheerful. Let me know how it goes with the crepe, the flavours are amazing. And so simple. Lots of wow for no work, dont’ we all love that?

  1. Oh gosh! these look so scrumptious. I’m a little afraid to light the cognac on fire– but I’d really like to try this. I haven’t made crepes for quite a while, but I’m going to try this when we have friends for dinner… thanks.

    • hello there, thanks so much for stopping by! I love the simplicity of the desert, no fancy ingredients, nothing complicated to it, a few simple steps and the sum of the parts is so much more than each single ingredient. Guaranteed wow factor. Almost like a tarte tatin but easier. I’d pick apples that are not too tart if you are going to make this, mellow and buttery would be good. More golden delicious than granny smith. Have fun!

  2. Thanks for the additional info! I have tried to make a tarte tatin (once); I even have a beautiful copper pan I bought just to make it. Not my best dessert! Your recipe sounds much easier and I think prettier than the “formed” tarte tatin 🙂

  3. oh I have a spectacular tarte tatin recipe, made in the oven, without a copper pan, nothing sticks and it is a total delight. But I agree the crepe wil be a lot easier 🙂 – I will think about posting the tarte tatin recipe too. My recipe has a home made dough and uses pears instead of apples, and a small amount of concentrated red grape juice (not the the stuff you find in the US (welch) if you happen to live there, it is terrible and doesn’t deserve the name. But proper grape juice unsweetened. I will post and you might try it again. I promise it will be worth it )

  4. Better late than never! Thanks for bringing this yummy dessert to the party. I was contemplating making an apple pie, but this sounds easier. Plus, the cognac sounds like a great pairing with apples!

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