Crepe poire belle Hélène – crepe with fresh sauteed pears, vanilla ice-cream and dark chocolate sauce and whipped cream

IMG_2329Everyone has been so inspired by the crepe normand that I wanted to share this one with you too. It’s another health food with a balanced take on fruit, fats, proteins, and endorphin inducing chocolate (oh come on I try). No alcohol, so good for kids (well maybe not good, but at least not brain cell impacting).   I didn’t eat this, my friend did, I watched, it looked very nice. Also very easy. Same principle 1) pick a good crepe recipe 2) lightly poach your pears (I’d slice and prepare the pieces in advance myself) in a little water with some sugar and vanilla scrapings added  or other poaching liquid (pear cider?, Samos Muscat wine? be creative :)) an example recipe here 3) melt dark chocolate in a bain marie and thin it down by adding some cream and a tablespoon of butter or else make a chocolate sauce using dutch cocoa powder for example here 4) get some whipped cream ready – And assemble! Fiesta Friday Crepathon No. 2 (sounds almost like Chanel No 5, and I wouldnt be surprised if these recipes are not as classic as the perfume, and they also hail from France).

For those of you who are new to Fiesta Friday – each week Angie hosts a virtual blogparty at her site all her friends the world over pop by and share, wine (virtual), food (virtual), pictures (virtual) , joy and laughter – very real 🙂 and ideas – the great thing is, you can come and go whenever you like, you never eat anything you didn’t want to out of politeness, you never get stuck in small talk about someones pet “rear-end prolapse” unless you want to be – Justine’s a lovely girl and she loves her dog, and she tells funny stories, so visit her blog –  or you can enjoy wondering what Sir Johnny will wear a magenta tutu, naked with a pair of ballet shoes, organza with flowers in his hair, or dungarees, it’s hard to guess, but often fun to wonder about. Then there is super healthy superfoodista –     and of course dimples web of chocolate delights, sure to ensnare you and turn you into Augustus Gloop (you remember him, small, round, fell into a river of chocolate and got sucked away by a big pipe and got stuck) – beware of Dimples recipes is all I can say. She does add in humus and other healthy vegetarian snacks too, but before you know if you are taking out the chocolate. Saucy Gander is another favourite, down under with Yam icecream. And Patty, and Pug in the Kitchen and Fig and Quince and many others, if I haven’t listed you, please forgive me, I need to go help with the housework, I feel glacial temperatures creeping up on my computer……..

So at Angie’s party in short you’ll meet some fun people, from all around the world, read some fun recipes and other ideas, and hopefully get some inspiration, and discover new sites. So pop on over to Angies!

PS you could make a banana split crepe too. So many possiblities

18 thoughts on “Crepe poire belle Hélène – crepe with fresh sauteed pears, vanilla ice-cream and dark chocolate sauce and whipped cream

  1. High-five, Polianthus! For the double entries = double the fun! I have to say this one looks even better than the other one, if that’s possible. You’re making us drool! I’m running to the store to get ice cream. It just got warm enough today, 50 degrees!

    • I think this one looks better too than the other one, but the other one was yummy and low fat because there was no whipped cream, and also alcohol helps digest the fat……ok I am making that up, this one is prettier isn’t it, but I think both are pretty good, and the other is even less work 🙂 – run run as fast as you can, get the icecream before the gingerbread man – or something like that. Happy Monday

    • most welcome Ms S. Gander – poor pet dogs rear……have a happy Monday and I watched a movie while sig other ironed, but at least I was supportive in spirit 🙂

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