Swabian Schupfnudeln with a creamy morel sauce and fried onions

IMG_2591While there is a lot to report from this neck of the woods – I want to post an update on my trip to Colmar and I want to share with you our traditional Fasnacht festivities; I also thought I’d share some more “regional” type cooking with you,  something you might not have encountered before, so I give you Schupfnudeln, a type of pasta. Served with morels in cream and fried onions. Simple, delicious, fattening, not even the biggest optimist out there would call this particularly healthy, yummy and fattening (did I say fattening before?). As part of my getting into spring mode I admit I ate 1/4 of the above portion and filled the rest of my plate with green veggies without sauce, which is how I like them. The food above, in sad and predictable traditional mode was fed to sig other and my dad. Now once again no recipes here, the Schupfnudeln were bought, for a recipe try this.

Simple enough to make but a bit time consuming. Brief translation: 800 g boiled potatoes floury type (boil them the night before, store in the fridge, this is important!!) , 2 eggs, salt, nutmeg, 8 tbs flour, 2 tbs oil, 1 tbs butter to fry – peel the cold potatoes, grate them into a bowl, add in all the ingredients above. Mix by hand into a nice dough. Roll into rolls width of a finger, and then cut into small finger length, lengths. Make pointy ends. As in picture above. Quickly turn in the flour. Bring water to a boil, put some Schupfnudeln, not too many at one time, into the water, when they rise to the surface remove and put to one side. When you are finished you can keep the Schupfnudeln for later. When you are ready to eat, heat the butter, fry the Schupfnudeln until nicely browned and serve.

I served them with fried onions – 5 onions sliced, 2 tbps olive oil 1 tbsp butter, heat the olive oil add the butter, when the butter starts sizzling add the onions and stir until they turn a nice golden brown.  And morels, take dried morels, soak in warm water for 15 minutes, rinse out all the sand, pour away the water. Put some cream into a saucepan add the morels and cook until the cream has the aroma of morels. Add some sherry to taste.

Serve with some lipid reducing red wine…

We did have fresh strawberries for desert which was healthy.

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