French fancies on fiesta Friday

I recently spent a day in France, in the Alsace region to be exact, and to be even more precise in much-loved, beautiful Colmar, where last week we enjoyed crepes. As nothing communicates different cultures and habits quite as much as food stores, and bakeries, I decided to share some images of French bakery displays to share on Fiesta Friday at Angies weekly grand food fiesta. I love meeting and chatting with other bloggers and  learning about different traditions, local specialties, both out in nature, in the garden and also inside in the kitchen. Oh and if I discover a new kind of wonderful cake such as the semlor I am very happy. I know many of you feel the same, so I hope you enjoy the photos below.  Naturally, if I could, I would bring all of these to Fiesta Friday with me,  in real life, edible versions, as I cannot, you will have to make do, sadly, with photographs.


You will note the size of the patisserie is small, this may also play a role in the the much commented on reason why French women don’t get fat. I think it’s because they walk and/or take public transportation, don’t eat much fast food and are also very disciplined, but then what do I know :). I have eaten lunch with lots of French women though, and when they are going out for a big dinner, they nibble on salad for lunch. They also often eat a yoghurt for lunch as dessert. Maybe this is the secret? Hm? Any French ladies reading, feel free to comment + explain or pooh pooh my thoughts (but not the patisserie). Apart from not really getting fat, French ladies also age really, really well, I haven’t spotted a French Exec yet who looks lifted/botoxed or overly blonde, however, they still look gorgeous at 55. I don’t know how they do it…. Good genes I suspect, plus the French je ne sais quoi, plus their innate sense of style and dress sense?

IMG_2338I think they look adorable. One of my favourite bakery delights is the mille feuille. Also known as a Napoleon. Pictured above center. Gugelhopf for sale at the bakery:

IMG_2340And yummy Berliner or Doughnuts, filled with chocolate and covered in chocolate drizzles:

IMG_2342Oh and if you didn’t like any of the above how about a nut roll?

IMG_2341Or indeed some chocolate truffles? You can never go wrong with a good truffle I think?


42 thoughts on “French fancies on fiesta Friday

  1. Hello Julianna – thanks so much for stopping by, thank you very much – I love bakeries – the old traditional kind where the recipes are still in the family and they have their specials .)

  2. Hi Polianthus! These baked goods look delicious and bring back many sweet memories of Europe. I remember when I visited France, the patisserie were smaller than I am used to in the states, but they satisfied me completely. We often had a little tart or chocolate with afternoon coffee. Thanks for sharing your finds!

    • Hi Ngan thanks for stopping by, I agree the goods are smaller than what I was used to in the states too, and I remember on business trips through airports in the US when I felt a bit peckish looking at the muffins or the cinnabons and being put off by their size which was easily enough for a family of four. Good patisserie generally satisfies as it’s not mass produced and it’s made with fresh ingredients – I am sure your body can tell it’s higher value, and that makes us feel more satisfied. Also the pure esthetic pleasure of eating a small delicate slice of something counts for a lot in my book.

      • I agree so wholeheartedly and only want to add that smaller patisserie also allow me to savor that delicious bite that much longer. Something about the smaller size makes me eat slower. 🙂 I am looking forward to that next bite of deliciousness!

      • interesting observation that small size makes you eat slower.I will observe and see if it’s the same for me. Thanks so much for you comments Ngan.

    • oh if nobody were watching a good three I’d think, but then there are so many other goodies vying for your attention that no doubt you would only manage a half and save the rest of your capacity for other foods 🙂 Thanks very much for visiting my blog Melissa, always lovely to have new guests stop by!

  3. Be still my beating heart! Such a gorgeous array of French delights Polianthus. Though after commenting on Julianna’s Balsamic Brownies and talking about the mismatch of having flagging metabolisms along with a sweet tooth – I can feel my (virtual) waistline expanding just by gazing upon these! 🙂

    • dear gather and graze, I will have to check out the brownies, and the mismatch of metabolism and sweet tooth in my case the two come coupled with a predominantly sedentary lifestyle…. BAD combination …..ah well – good thing it’s only your virtual waistline expanding :)!

      • Oh, and I have French friends arriving on Wednesday, who match your description perfectly – we’re going to have 3 weeks together, so I’ll have lots of time to get their perspective on ‘Why French Women don’t get fat’! I’ll report back soon! 🙂

    • I see there is a common theme here – every one of you will have one of each .) fantastic! Good that they are small, so like having the assorted dessert plate in a restaurant. Happy weekend Fae!

    • Hello my dear Angie – I was thinking what might be of interest to the food lovers of the world, and I figured anything you don’t all see every day might be of interest. I am happy to report that I didn’t eat a single patisserie in the shop and i wasn’t tempted either. (Puts multiple gold stars on chart to reward self…..) – but then I had just eaten the apple calvados crepe….:)

  4. I just want you to know that your post has been my absolute favorite today! It has long been a dream of mine to travel through France and experience the food there. You and I think alike; I very much think that food tells much more of a story than it may at first seem 🙂 Such lovely photographs – I feel almost as if I was there, too! 🙂

    • Dear Lisa – what a beautiful compliment, I am really touched, thank you so much. I am glad you liked the post so much and that the pictures spoke to you – and that it made you feel as though you were here, that is wonderful. And that is what I was hoping to achieve. France is worth a lovely long trip, I hope you live your dream someday soon 🙂 happy weekend 🙂

    • very glad that you liked the site and the pictures, great that you stopped by! I look forward to reading your posts too, love your title by the way, really evocative.

  5. you can have all of them of course – you might want to cycle home then though? 🙂 Or walk. Public transport probably only works if you subsist on yoghurt 🙂

  6. Hi Poli– Are these all from one incredible shop?!! I’ll take the nut roll– well, actually would love them all! Have you read the book “French Women don’t get Fat”? Written in English by a French business woman who lives between New York and France. She basically said the same things you do– it does make sense. –and I think I already told you we love, love Colmar. When you mention it, I’m wishing we could be there too…

  7. Dear Rhonda – yes they are all from the same shop, a cute tiny little place – they do look tempting don’t they! I did read the book – while I was living in the US – I remember she also had a croissant recipe in the book to share with the world. She was lovely and slim :). It was ages ago that I read it though, but it all makes sense, eat less exercise/walk more, stay healthy longer. 🙂 Colmar is lovely I think you did mention it, you will have to do a stopover on your next trip to Asia, although of course we are not exactly on the way there 🙂 ..

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