The sunshine award on my one year anniversary

wpid-11-cosmos-under-blue-sky-cosmos-flower-under-sunshine_1440x900_69080I have been nominated!

I have been nominated and of course accept the “sunshine award” – pretty much in time for my one year anniversary. Ms Sods and electric Socks – Justine nominated me for making her laugh, at times, and for making her raise her eyebrows in dismay at others, although she may not have nominated me for the eyebrow raising part. I am not sure, she didn’t say. Justine loves to write about her dogs problem holding it all in, how that affects her cat, how she stuffs her children into laundry baskets (or was it one of the dogs I forget?) and in her spare time she visits Harrods, posts photos of expensive food items and regales us with potty humour and photographs of port-a-loos in weird places (which only in the UK could be called “loos for dos” ). Anyone  will enjoy Justine’s blog if they are 1) British 2) not British but grew up there 3) Likes the Brits 4) Hasn’t totally embraced political correctness -ie where everything changes on the surface, but nothing changes behind the scenes 5) likes Black Adder – anyway go check it out, it’s a fun place to visit! So Justine, you make me giggle a lot, I love reading your sometimes quite outrageous and never edited posts, I even forgive you for pre-empting my Boeuf Bourguignon entry for the Fiesta Friday happening by bringing your own a day before I got there, with ready made onions bought at Sainsburys…. AND getting an Oscar for it from Angie! (Aside: Fiesta Friday is a virtual party at a fellow bloggers, we meet, bring anything we want dishes, share some local colour and culture and admire people’s food, their costumes (Sir Johnny in magenta onesies) and discover health foods such as chia seed puddings, and less healthy foods like potato gratin. All in all it’s good fun).

Justine thanks for nominating me for the sunshine award,  I like to make people laugh, I like to share some joy and silliness when the world in general is often such a serious place!

I would like to nominate the following bloggers for the sunshine award:

Azita at Fig and Quince – – beautiful food, beautiful stories, achieving acceptance and understanding through the kitchen, I love that
Arthur at Arthur in the garden:  he loves his lattes, he posts about deer and squirrels, and daily life in the garden with his faithful black lab.
Patty  – she likes to post about chia-seed frog spawn desserts and her dog, I just spotted a post titled ” mr fluffy bottom”….fun happy posts
Saucy Gander :  how could you not love a blog that posts about yam ice-cream? And with a title like saucy gander, you’d have to visit.
Flippenblog: an irreverant lawyer, neat.-freak with fun posts, fun food all the way down in South Africa, she makes me grin!
The Thankful heart : posts from the US, food, recipes, and southern US culture all rolled into a warm-hearted blog with inspirational quotes

I could just keep on going, there are lots of blogs I love to read, and quite a few blogging friends I love to banter with.

So here are the rules if accepting this beautiful award:

  • Include the Sunshine Award icon in your post and/or on your blog;
  • Add the link of the award presenter’s blog who awarded you;
  • Answer the  questions the award presenter has set for you;
  • Present the  award  to the blogs that you enjoy (preferably those who haven’t already received this award);
  • Notify the awardees by leaving a comment on their blog  and link their blogs on your post; and
  • Create 10 questions for your awardees to answer.

Here are the questions that Justine decided to ask us:

  1. If you go to a coffee shop, what do you typically buy? AChai Latte with soy milk
  2. When was the last time you smiled at a complete stranger, please elaborate? Oh I do that all the time, usually on the bus or on the street. Switzerland is not a culture of ready smiles, so I have found that you need to smile and then hold it, a bit like a pilates exercise where you just hold, hold, hold until it feels a little forced and unnatural. During that time the other person will 1) check behind themselves if you are smiling at someone else 2) try to figure out if they know you 3) try to figure out if you really are smiling at them and haven’t got a risus sardonicus (induced by ingesting plant neurotoxins which make your facial muscles go into a spasm – ie involuntary smile) At the end of this process, which generally takes around 1 minutes, and if after that time you are still smiling at them, they will generally start to give you a tentative smile that if you keep at it will blossom into something more. It’s hard work, but someone has to do it. That said some people don’t smile back and then you feel like a total wally. But no risk no fun! Generalyl I smile at old people, they are so used to being invisible in todays ‘ society that they often take a while to smile back shyly but it’s worth it!
  3. If you knew today was your last day on Earth, how would you spend it and why?
    Oh come on I live in Switzerland tidying up my paperwork and getting my bills in order? Actually probably with my family and partner and calling my dearest and closest friends. I might also write down some things I’d like my friends and family to have to remember me by and decide which charities I’d like to give some money to. Sounds pretty boring hm? I’d probably also open a very nice bottle of wine and enjoy a great meal with my family.
  4. If you had a chance to go back in time for 24hrs where would you go and what would you do? Wow immediately silly things like going back in time and buying loads of prime real estate/apple/Microsoft shares and putting them in an account in my name thereby ensuring future independence (yes it’s not primarily the wealth I am interested in). I would also quite like to go back in time and smack Watson and Crick for nicking the DNA story from Rosalind Elsie Franklin and going down in history for the discovery of DNA, a scientists childish urge, oh and if I could change history that’s something I’d quite like to change. Would be good for women scientists to have more role models. 
  5. You have the choice to live with a gorilla who knows sign language or a dog who sings lullabies, which do you choose? Gorilla would be fascinating but I couldn’t keep her in the right environment, so it would have to be the dog for animal rights reasons.  Alternately I would love to spend some time with the gorilla before putting her back into the right environment.
  6. Why does glue not stick to the bottle? would have to be lack of air  when the bottle is closed wouldn’t it? Glue dries out and it gets sticky. You haven’t ever left the top off a bottle obviously 🙂
  7. Why does light make our skin darker but our hair lighter? Melanin in skin (skin alive reacts to light by producing pigments), hair is “dead” – light bleaches dark pigments. Ok so I could be more scientific here, but I am not sure you are serious 🙂
  8. If you could have only 3 electrical appliances in your house, what would they be and why? Washing machine, dishwasher, fridge/freezer. And then I’d buy the apartment next door, and install my partner there, and he would get a hairdryer, a kitchen mixer etc etc, and a vacuum cleaner. Not sure what I would do with my electro-powered bike. It’s outside the house so doesn’t count.
  9. If you could have sex with any superhero, who would you choose and why? Hm  – I am going to pass on this one. I did google to see if there were any superheros that transfer powers through interaction of a platonic nature, but nope, nothingother than an article on Aquinas – on omnipotence and the transfer of power – which also didn’t point me in an interesting direction.  So I’m going to pass on this one, I would offer the opportunity to my dear colleagues such as Justine 🙂
  10. What secret could you tell me? Hm secret? Reminds me of a very weird song by the “pierces” : secret.  It is VERY bizarre. I have a super-power –  within 10 minutes of meeting someone new, they  generally tell me their life story 🙂

And Here are the questions that I would like answers to:

  1. Local corner shop/ farmers market or super market? Where do you like to shop most? Tell us about a favourite food-store:
  2. What is the weirdest dish you have ever eaten, when, where and what were the circumstances?
  3. Sweet or savoury? Your favourite food what is it?
  4. If you could leave it all behind for a while, what would you take with you to your desert island? How long would you go for and  does the idea appeal to you?
  5. Your favourite spot in the entire world, where is it and why?
  6. If you have 1 day to do whatever you wish, how would you spend it? And with whom?
  7. Have you ever intervened in an argument between strangers (in the street, in a bar etc) ? If so what compelled you to do so?
  8. What are ingredients could you not cook without in your kitchen?
  9. If Dr. Who popped by your house in his Tardis and offered to take you with him, where would you want to go? If you don’t know Dr. Who – tell us if you could go anywhere in the world or in the universe, draw on any film you like for inspiration, where would it be and why?
  10. If you could spend a week with a famous character or person, who would you chose and why? What would you wish to learn?

16 thoughts on “The sunshine award on my one year anniversary

  1. Congratulations, Polianthus! This is so well-deserved. I, too, love Justine and her naughty humor. And you know how I feel about you; we’ve been in it together from the very beginning when you used to post pictures of slithery newt and caterpillars with their heads falling off and such. My gawd, Poli, I must have really liked you! What a year it has been. SO. MUCH. FUN. The questions are outrageous, and you’re so sweet by playing along! LOL!

  2. HUUUUUUUGE congratulations to making it here on the WP world for a year, woweeee and with Angie too!!! Well I see a little picture going on here, one is that you are never going to let me forget Harrods are you, which makes me just want to go back and take more pictures, secondly you are never ever going to get my blog name right are you? Thirdly I like the bit about unedited posts, I am not sure whether you are referring to my spelling and lack of grammar or literally that I say what comes out of my mouth, as to the former I bow humbly and say I gave up English Language at school which is in fact a complete lie, just literature, but on the latter, well I edit everything that comes out of my mouth, i thought my writings were full of graceful, serene and ermmm (scratches head now) (no i dont have fleas), well generally well behaved content, obviously not GRINS!

    Well I am glad you get me and you seem to highlight/pick up on alot of things I had in fact forgotten about I think you would have made a very good detective.

    So I absolutely love your reply and will look at your nominees of course me being nosy….Well as for superheros, I have recently decided due to recent comments that Teddy is in fact a superhero dog, as to what powers could he pass on, well OMG if you are human you really don’t want them, do you get what i mean? No I am not going to let you know what superhero I would have sex with because you were meant to answer that…hehe..that was the whole point of passing the buck, it is not a frisbee!! Haha..but I did do the naughty test yet didnt know what half the stuff meant.

    I loved your answer to No 2, I so do that, I was feeling my face ache as I read it, no i was not grinning, just imagining, I might of been grinning however as I did notice I started to dribble. Anyway I do smile at strangers, often, sometimes though in London they get annoyed and they shout “what are you looking at?” Like you are meant to think about this and decide “oh what am I looking at,a human, a plant, an animal and seriously give an answer, so you think rationally and say “you?” Uh oh, really bad mistake, that apparently secretly means “I wanna bitch slap your face”so if you come to London, don’t smile tooo too much or just be selective, stick to old people without walking sticks.

    I also Love No 4, you are very savvy and no it doesnt sound like it all revolves around MONEY & BEING WEALTHY, you are not that shallow I know it….hahaha

    No 5 made me laugh, No 6 and & now you gave the answer away everyone else nominated will copy your answers unless they knew already, I didn’t honestly thats because I am a dim wit!

    So thank you again for accepting, and so fast, and responding so fast, that is obviously a superpower of yours…grins and big huggles to youuuuuu! Ta-raaa xxx

  3. hey there in brief – super-speedy responses to everything are indeed a super-power – although I not sure super is the right descriptor – usually either ends up in landing more work to deliver or else getting into hot water. The idea that if you are finished faster you get more time for yourself is one my brain still subscribes too, despite all evidence to the contrary…..ONE IS NEVER EVER EVER FINISHED – there is always more to do, which is why a Zen approach to life and mindfulness is what I aspire to..
    Your posts are – spelling great – all the words like “colour”, “flavour” etc are properly spelled 🙂 – and it’s all edited? Great then, “my bad” (an Americanism I picked up, bad being an adjective I never really understood what it meant, but after a year of playing volleyball with US colleagues I stopped trying to stop them saying it. And now here I am saying it too 🙂
    Glad you read the answers, I googled glue – I would have put in lack of oxygen, but it’s just lack of air, and I have left glue bottles open enough to know they dry out :).
    In London I smile at 1) ticket salespeople 2) the guards 3) Cornish pasty sellers who call me Love 4) People in reception areas of hotels, although that is usually wasted 5) people who speak London dialect English in such a way that I have no idea what they are saying, I swear they swallow half the words, and while I am trying to figure it out I smile.

    ***As an East Londoner friend of mine, who tried in vain to teach me how to say “awright” (I could never get my mouth droopy enough, maybe should have had more to drink?) – said “you’ll never learn to speak proper”……..I pointed out that in my probably elitist opinion basic elocution lessons might be in order and that dropping half the letters out a of word when saying it is just plain lazy. We agreed to disagree………

    P*** I just read an old waitrose food magazine edition on middlings – ah well.

    • Hello Patty – glad the frog spawn made you laugh and not pout! i love the consistency of chia seeds and use them as fake eggs when I am trying once again to go vegan – which as you know doesn’t stick at the moment! I enjoy our conversations a lot too, great to have met you!

    • Hey there – better at asking than answering – such a lawyer!!!!! Thanks for the link back and the good looking cake with Interior designer flowers on it, very impressive!

      • Hehe. I had to put foil around the stems of the flowers as I did not know if the flowers will poisen someone in the wake of my crime prevention baking.

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