My week in food – no fiesta ..


All work and no food makes me want to cook on the weekend! I have had a tough week foodwise, it has been all rushed and no fiesta, nor siesta for that matter. Let me share my week in food with you:

Monday: cereal, tuna fish sandwich with egg and rucola for lunch, salad for dinner

Tuesday/Wednesday: cereal, tuna fish salad with asparagus for lunch, salad for dinner

Thursday: Cereal, tuna fish sandwich with egg and rucola for lunch, bread snacks and ready made aubergine salad with tea for dinner

Friday: Bread, no lunch, Chinese at the local Chinese restaurant, which makes me want to fly to the UK for real Chinese food for dinner

Saturday: I spent hours in the kitchen making the following, I needed something good to eat!

The result above: starting bottom right 1)  focaccia with onion and rough grain sea salt on top, charred eggplant salad with capers in brine, tomatoes, onions, fresh mint and fresh parsley 2) yoghurt with dried mint, ideally use full-fat yoghurt and lots of dried mint, make sure you leave it to sit for about 2 hours in the fridge or longer for the flavours to develop 3) homemade hummus, I cheated here using chickpeas out of the tin 800g, drained, pureed added 3 garlic cloves, ice-cold water and 250g tahini and 2 tablespoons lemon juice 4) olives 5) one of my favourite turkish recipes approx recipe here- 750g zucchini – grated, add salt, leave for a bit, squeeze out excess water. Add 1 tbs turkish red pepper flakes,  3 eggs, 1 cup crumbled feta or similar cheese, 1 cup flour,  a handful of chopped parsley a handful of chopped dill, 1 spring onion white part only cut into small rings. Mix and fry in small batches to make patties. Yum. 5) Köfte following Ottolenghis Jerusalem cookbook. If you don’t have that one yet, buy it. It’s only a click away! Oh and top right you can see my gardening shears…….

For dessert I baked a simple cake with almond and vanilla essence and served it with billows of whipped cream and fresh strawberries.

I was a whole lot happier after dinner, I can tell you :)!

Happy end of the weekend all.


17 thoughts on “My week in food – no fiesta ..

  1. So glad you got to cook today, Polianthus! Your dinner looks spectacular! Want to know something? I didn’t get to cook last week either, so I had to go into my recipe queue and put together a post for the fiesta! But now I don’t have anything left in my queue so I better get crackin’!

    • Hi there Patty, I missed Fiesta Friday this week, forgot to link to my post 😦 – ah well next week! Although I think probably that this week won’t be any different re cooking and work levels. What is your recipe queue pray tell?

      • I try to have extra food/photo sessions prepared for when I don’t have enough time to cook during the week! I usually have two or three recipes that are ready to be written up and posted, but now I am all out! I have nothing as back-up!!

  2. Nothing like some Ottolenghi kofta and zucchini fritters! Your table looks divine with all that food. Like you, I feel rushed during the week sometimes and end up spending all my time in the kitchen on the weekend. It is rather therapeutic, isn’t it?

    • 🙂 I love Ottolenghi – thanks for commenting Ngan, you are right during the week there just isn’t any time to make anything and on the weekends it is very therapeutic to potter and put things together, especially if you have a really good friend coming over who you get to spoil!

  3. It’s looking really good im drooling, but what is rucola? Your diet looks v healthy but thats not surprising is it really? Well now you see Iam a profesisonal cook from my fiesta friday shame you weren’t there to celebrate with me….grins…No seriously, sorry you had a manic week but you did eat well, I am of course jealous and wondering if you can make me lunchs from now on and ps had chinese last sat take away was delish, just to rub it in! grins again like a cheshire cat

    • Rucola – hm – rocket – lovely and peppery I am sure you know it. I will check the fiesta friday, you got another prize? Yes would have loved to celebrate but was out eating dubious chinese. Have you tried
      BarShu yet? – or indeed Fuchsia Dunlops cookbooks? If you havent get thee there immediately and try the strange flavoured chicken, the fish flavoured eggplant, and the fragrant chicken in a pile of chilis, not hot but a dream. Jealous jealous. I ate tuna fish every day? I am sure I have mercury poisoning, but overall I did eat well, I would make you lunches but they’d be bad by the time they got there .( Chinese takeaway, good for you, I just made red thai curry coconut tofu with basmati rice (yes it’s not traditional but couldnt be bothered to open the thai rice) – which was quite lovely even if I had to make it myself. Better than a sandwich. But today I didn’t even manage lunch …..

      • I had salad for lunch, good old me and rare for me, need to lose some weight. Then made erm lamb curry from someones recipes from FF…erm probably that wasnt slimming was it? lol….Nah didnt win another Oscar, was just teasing, I did win lots of icing sugar on my face though and in every crevice imagineable.

        Erm that cookbook sounds a bit ‘alternative’ hmrrrm?

  4. Lamb curry – slimming no, yummy yes. Tuna salad sandwiches slimming – if you leave off the bread and don’t munch 80% cocoa chocolate when you get home…..
    Barshu is not a cookbook – it’s a really nice Szechuanese restaurant in Soho – the strange flavour chicken, sounds weird – it’s because it’s made with various ingredients you might not otherwise try including hot and numbing szechuan pepper, and sesame paste (but only the chinese kind), sugar, hot chili oil (but maybe I am mixing my dishes so check online. It’s worth it, the flavour is like a taste epiphany, something you’ve never had before, but absolutely delicious and NEW 🙂 and it’s happening down the road from you. The other direction from Mortimer Granville no doubt.
    Did you ever see the film? Sorry I digress, it’s my tired brain .)

  5. Well, at least it was a healthy week of eating!! And your feast looks/sounds so inviting. (love your wooden table) — and wish I could invited you for Chinese food at my house. My son Micah and his wife from China are staying with us, so we truly get “real Chinese food!”

    • oh thanks – the last week was more of the same sadly – although I apparently love tuna fish 🙂 – wow lucky you to have real chinese food for dinner :)! Happy weekend

  6. Your table looks great with so many different dishes. I too love tuna fish! I have lots of recipes ready to publish which is convenient since I am taking a small break from cooking. I have lots of free time but want to start enjoying the warmer weather and lose some weight. We had a long winter… 🙂

  7. Hello there – I find myself nodding to your comments: I too ove tuna fish(check), lots of recipes ready (sadly not – I am finding myself immersed in work and not finding any time to blog..) but I admire you and others who plan ahead – during the 7 fat years for the 7 lean in blogging terms. Lots of free time (lucky you, I had lots of free time up until recently but didnt use it as well as I could of, ah well) – oh and the last one, enjoy weather lose weight…we had a long winter too, even though the weather was good, but I guess all of us are in the springtime mode of drop some pounds….its a recurring theme 🙂

  8. Hi Chef Mimi thanks a lot, since then it has been back to tuna fish sandwiches and long work days and no blogging, terrible of me, need to emulate you all and get it all balanced 🙂

    • hello there dear Rhonda, thanks so much for noticing – I am off for business trips this week – Germany yesterday, Italy tomorrow and in between putting stuff together and packing havent been able to find the brainspace to visit my favourite blogs and parties 🙂

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