Basel city market – a trip through the flower and vegetable stalls and a view of the city hall

I have been a bit busy, I missed the last 2 fiesta fridays at Angies, and although its now Wednesday I suspect I have missed the deadline again, I am taking a couple of minutes before I pack my suitcase for my next trip to take all garden lovers and fresh veggie lovers on a little perambulation around our local city flower and vegetable market.  Some sunshine and flowers and a beautiful city hall, some olde worlde (but real authentic) cobblestones and if you were here we could try the local sausages with brown bread and mustard, and I would warn you not to get mustard on your white shirt, as it’s a bugger to get out ( I know I tried one ill-advised evening when I wore a white shirt to a national holiday and had an accident with the mustard…) I would maybe buy you a small bouquet of lovely flowers for a paltry 15 Chf ) about 17 dollars, and get you an espresso at the trendy espresso van. It may not be San Francisco but I have to tell you our market is pretty cool too and we have it most days.



23 thoughts on “Basel city market – a trip through the flower and vegetable stalls and a view of the city hall

  1. Every bit as good as the San Francisco market, I assure you! The flowers are beautiful, Polianthus, and the vegetables bright and vibrant. I love seeing the market in other cities. Now, I’ll take that espresso, please!

    • smaller and different but indeed all the main culprits are there, fruit and flowers and veggies and cheeses and espresso 🙂 – thanks for stopping by and one espresso coming up!

    • Dear non foodie happy you enjoyed the sights 🙂 and temptation in a nonfoodie is hard to awake so I am quite pleased with myself and very pleased with you commenting 🙂 thank you

      • I seem to remember you posted about a dish with olives way back and mentioned that you love them. My favourites are the ones with lemon in the brine, big and green and juicy 🙂 happy Tuesday. feels like Friday because easter is round the corner

  2. I love your series of photos, Polianthus! I’ve missed you! Not sure how I missed this post of yours. I know WP reader often skips over people. Boo. I hope you’re doing well despite being so busy! 🙂

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