Piazza del Duomo, Milano April 2014: woman walking on a sunny April afternoon


I struggled with what to call this : Jessica rabbit comes to life appeals,  I see a definite likeness,  I am in two minds whether it’s ever appropriate to compare a woman to a rabbit?  Even if the rabbit in question is undeniably feminine and curvaceous?

Some titles had John F. Kennedy in them (don’t ask farfetched, gave up on that one). Focaccia and despite the obvious temptation, given my last post,  anything mentioning French Fries seemed petty…..I know, I am harsh on myself. And so at some point I gave in and titled it street scene. It’s a quick Iphone shot as she walked by, I  love the way she is striding through the photo and the play of shadow and sunlight on her body.

Post script: I know this is generally a food and plant blog, just in case you were wondering what a lady in heels is doing here, I know I was. But after due consideration I have decided the photo qualifies for my blog’s overall theme by way of the subject being Italian and therefore loving to eat (no you can’t see that she does, but it’s in their genes, Italians generally love to eat well) and secondly because she is having a drink :).

I spent the day being warned about lawyers can you tell?


April 2014, C Polianthus.wordpress.com




4 thoughts on “Piazza del Duomo, Milano April 2014: woman walking on a sunny April afternoon

    • Good 🙂 it is a lovely country, with lots of nice food, great architecture and friendly people, as well as wonderful landscapes waiting to be discovered and they really need tourists 🙂

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