Si mangia bene in Italia – or yummy focaccia in Italy

IMG_2912So here we are again, a new post on food, this one from the South of Italy – Puglia to be exact. Inside a shopping mall we discovered this man selling wonderful specialities -a small taster: focaccia with olives, vegetarian, plain, with cheese, with a simple topping of onions – 1 Euro a slice……… much more this is just the start I promise you!

I have  a great focaccia recipe to share by the way really good, that too will come another day.


10 thoughts on “Si mangia bene in Italia – or yummy focaccia in Italy

    • hello there – work work work and no play, what can I say, plus travel and bad internet connections…..all blog challengers.. thanks for coming by despite me not being around much and having missed your party so often..Focaccia is really easy, you being the cook of all things cannot believe you would be in the least bit daunted…?

  1. I have to admit that reinvent your life without focaccia is really really hard, in Italy mostly of the kids (and adults too) want it for snack. You can find I don’t know how many different type of focaccia, any city, any region has some specialties in terms of focaccia.I love the focaccia from Puglia, is really thick but incredibly soft, I hope you enjoyed it! and yes, you’re right “in Italia si mangia bene!” … thanks for sharing!

    • well I am guessing you make your own now in far away Canada 🙂 – funnily enough as I was looking at the focaccia a small kid was making demands to be fed vociferously from his stroller while gesturing at the focaccia…thanks for stopping by here and seeing some memories. Poli

    • ah yes the olives – I know you love them – I also love olive focaccia – I am sure you can have some delivered to your home in the US, something I am not sure you could organise most other places 🙂

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