Succumbing to the waves in Puglia – or bringing the ocean to your home

IMG_3305Today I bring you no food, no wine, and no whining about being over-fed by Italian grannies, or being forced to sit in old farmhouses in front of roaring fires sampling local wines. Instead I am bringing a view to your home. This is a beach in Puglia, sadly I don’t know which ocean we are looking at, there are two on offer, but names are not as important as experiences. The beach was totally empty, there was almost nobody there,  the only sound the wind and the waves, the only scent the ocean. The only living creatures, a small dog, a very few people. We stood – in front of us the ocean, behind us scrub with flowering bushes and grasses.

I am bringing you a view, a memory of a time you stood on a beach in peace and watched the immensity of the ocean. A tip if you fly to Puglia you will still find empty beaches, provided you don’t go in August, do NOT go in August, I cannot stress this enough.

So todays post is for Fiesta Friday, I have missed many a recent fiesta friday at Angies – over at the Novice Gardener.  FF is a virtual party happening over at Angie’s blog.  Angie’s blog could also, be called the I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up blog – as Angie covers a wide array of topics as her blog evolves.  At FF you will meet  all manner of weird and wonderful characters such as: A)  the saucy gander, a fun, quirky character, who, while being sure about her blog, seems unsure about her gender unless saucy gander, isn’t alluding to the male goose, but to the other gander (take a gander ) B)  Johnny who bakes up intricate profiteroles and recites Shakespeare while prancing around in a magenta onesie and welly boots. No prizes for guessing that Johnny hails from the islands around Britain: Johnny is enough –   and to fit the theme, while Angie doesn’t know who to be when she is grown up, the saucy gander has a gender issue, Johnny keeps changing the name of his blog, either because he too cannot decide who to be, or because he is intelligence testing his faithful followers. Last but not least of the weird (in a good way) crew at the party is eclectic odds and sods who posts photographs of her husbands b** (UK) b**** (US) online, the poor thing (hubbie not sods and bods) and writes about exploding cakes and her pugs’ issues on holding it all in……There are many many more people who write fun stuff at Angies have a visit and see.

People bring food virtually and drink (although I don’t know of many drinks that have been brought, oh dear) and  today instead of food and drink, I will bring snacks from Puglia as well as transport you all to the beach for a beach Fiesta Friday.  Look at the photo, I invite the whole lot of you to fly over to Puglia in your minds, throw off your shoes and socks, put your toes in the water, get a BBQ fired up and place your offerings on the table at the end of the beach. Grab a stripy deck chair and let the hosts pour you a glass of Greco di Tuffo or Fiano, or maybe a primitivo, while you sit chat with fellow bloggers and watch the sun’s rays on the water and marvel at how clear the water is.

Happy FF BFriends 🙂


12 thoughts on “Succumbing to the waves in Puglia – or bringing the ocean to your home

  1. Wish I were there, on that beach. No drinks needed for me, just the soothing sound of crashing waves and a setting sun. This picture reminds me of the many beaches I have visited and makes me long for another beach vacation soon. Thank you for bringing the calm and beauty of the beach to FF!

  2. Can I quote you on this: ” the I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up blog ” – Angie would love it!
    As for me…..maybe my blog should be renamed the international goosey-gander of mystery. Just to really confuse people.

  3. I hope you are not offended my dear Angie – its just been the topic of your recent posts, basically my dear, you have been broadcasting :)!!!! congrats on your new domain name – maybe you can sell cool food stuffs too

  4. I’ve only changed the name of my savoury blog once so far. If only I was more savvy with the net I’d have name changes just when you pop in and have a look! Wouldn’t that be fun.

    You must’ve been looking toward Montenegro or Albania. Or were you more south than that. I’d love to visit both. And Puglia, come to think of it. One of my neighbours in my last flat in Central London was from there. The place does look beautiful.

    I’m just getting around to those whom, like me, turn up fashionably late!

    • Hello there – feed the piglet, Johnny is enough, cupcakes? or are there 2 blogs and I missed that? Seemed like more changes – did you change the name of your sweet blog too? No matter, as long as i still get the posts it doesnt matter. would be fun if you could engineer the site to confuse me, but lifes too short 🙂 Puglia is beautiful indeed – somewhere between otranto and gagliano del capo (I think) – glad nobody is testing me to know what was opposite .) I hardly know what I am seeing out my own window….Puglia is lovely, and relatively untouristy unless you go to Gallipoli in August. Full of historic buildings and they have some great wines too, reasonable pricing compared to more fashionable Tuscany (which is a bit too manicured looking and mainly full of people for my taste, although Siena is beautiful of course)

    • Hi Rhonda – it really is – peaceful, quiet, just gulls sand and wind. A picnic and an old fashioned book, so much better in the wild than a tablet, would make for perfect day I agree!

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