Does size matter? Fiat 500, french baguette and flowers…for the Fi’yeasta!

IMG_7854So here I am and I made it to fiesta Friday, not in a ford fiesta but in a borrowed micro Fiat 500. The Fiesta happens every week, I hardly ever make it but today I am going to be there, today is actually Friday Fi’yeasta ‘ i.e. the celebration of all things yeasty (or was that last week and I am a week behind? More than fashionably late perhaps? Anyway although I did make a focaccia last week, adorned with fresh rosemary,  large sea-salt crystals and red onion, pretty and delicious dipped into Sardinina extra’virgin olive oil, I didn’t take any pictures so I am reduced to bringing with me   loaves of baguette from an older posts instead. The post may be older but the recipe is divine and worth the time it takes. They taste just like the real thing.

IMG_0184Also instead of the ocean I am bringing you all the image of spring. So to the first question? Does size matter – as one of my work colleagues used to say ” it depends on” , he wasn’t a native English speaker, but he did have a point.  Regarding baguettes, and focaccia as a foodie I’d have to say – yes size matters. Because you need enough for the ravenous guests you have to satisfy. Regarding cars – for Europe the smaller the better, and if you can the get the train instead you will likely be happier! The image of the 500 shows, that small can be beautiful and you can park anywhere, and you don’t have to drive an SUV to be happy! Happy Fiesta Friday all!




28 thoughts on “Does size matter? Fiat 500, french baguette and flowers…for the Fi’yeasta!

  1. I was completely enamored with the small cars in France when I was there many, many years ago (before the Mini and Fiat really started to show up here in the states). Yes, small can be good, though those large baguettes are perfect for feeding so many appetites at FF. What a lovely picture of spring!

    • Dear Ngan – hello 🙂 the cars are cute aren’t they, I like the idea of unravelling from a tiny car with an armful of baguettes imacculately dressed in the French style. If you are in the mood for a beautiful French film about food served on the most amazing china then find the film ” les saveurs du palace” – a film about Mitterands, ex- french presidents, cook. it is really beautiful. Spring at the seaside in Italy, beautiful! Happy Saturday.

  2. The Fiat 500 is my absolute favourite car, ever! When we were in Sicily, I wanted to sneak one back into Australia – in our carry on suitcase – even if the letters in Fiat (apparently) stand for Fix It Again Tony. 😀

    Sorry, got distracted by the Fiat. Your baguette looks beautiful! Do you have a recipe?

    • Hello there – putting it in the suitcase and taking it back is actually almost an option with the fiat 500, after all like other things in life, suitcases for a while kept getting bigger, until fossil fuel got more expensive and now they limit us to miniscule carry-ons that are inconsistent from plane to plane…..the letters may stand for fix it again tony, but the italians still love them and pretty consistently drive Italian cars, and there are so many old ones still driving around that they must be pretty reliable? The americans however turned their backs on US cars years ago and went Japanese, not sure what FORD stands for 🙂 – so maybe the Fiat is more trustworthy than the ford. Must stop thinking now before I get hatemail 🙂

      • Cool thanks for letting me know. I wish they mapped the sales to geography – the top 3 cars are US made and all of them are trucks – in the top 10 only 3 are US made – and I am guessing the other makers don’t make a dodge like truck? Also I am guessing that the sales of trucks are due to all the states in the middle of the us 🙂 – that said there is a dodge truck that parks close to my house, I sometimes wonder if the driver is someone who would love to live the life a lumberjack but got stuck in garden like Switzerland instead! Glad you are still buying your own cars good for your economy!

  3. Hello – I am co-hosting Angie’s FF15 with Jhuls this week and have finally made it over to say hello, welcome and please may I have a baguette to take home…Just to give you the heads up, Angie is now running two linky parties – the weekly Fiesta where anything goes and a monthly challenge which has a theme – it is yeast this month. I am sure that you can re-enter this post for that challenge – here’s the link Anyway lovely to meet you and have fun at the party!!

    • Hello Selma 🙂 aha now I understand the theme had me confused, and anything that makes me think in my time off is severely frowned upon. I wish I had a focaccia photo, that would also make a great post, but I have promised myself to do nothing, other than work a bit, this weekend, so no cooking 🙂 – maybe I will enter this , but that seems cheating, or else another older blog post on yeast, into Fi-yeasta friday 🙂 thanks for letting me know

    • so true, didnt even think about that 🙂 very good point and with the bigger cars you sometimes cannot get round the corners even if you folded the mirrors 🙂

  4. I haven’t driven a car for months and I would love to drive that car now! I love small cars as they are easy to park. 😀

    Anyway, the baguette looks really good. I would to have some butter on that! 🙂 Thank you for bringing this to FF15 and have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

    • hello Jhuls, thanks for stopping by, the car is cute, not sure how I’d fit in but I am told they are much bigger on the inside, like Hermione’s bag in Harry Potter, apparently. The baguette is indeed delightful, I fully dissaproved of the 500 steps of kneading and proving and kneading and proving seemed like a total waste of time, but I did it and the crumb was as delicate as only a real baquette can be, who would have expected that? Happy weekend to you too Poli

      • What is kneading? Hahaha! I hate that word. 😛 Might need to love it soon for the sake of the challenge.

        Have a pleasant week to you! 🙂

  5. Oh, you bet, Poli! Size does matter, especially for cars! Speaking like a true American, the bigger the better. Yes! Try going in your Fiat on a road trip. Think you’ll survive? Having said all that, I do think these cars are cute. But those crazy Europeans drive like mad people possessed. You have no idea how many times I was almost run down when I was touring Europe.

    • Hello my dearest Angie 🙂 you make me laugh, when I lived DC I didnt have a car for ages until I broke down and bought one – I was told 1) buy one with enough crunch zones as you will be hit at some point 2) dont buy american. Funnily enough you write that Europeans drive like mad people but until recently we all drove small cars and nobody bought a big one for safety, if in the US nobody drives like a mad person, why do US Americans love big cars ? – its a mystery. Although you spend more time in them and drive longer distances sometimes so maybe that is why. Happy Sunday thanks for stopping by

  6. That was fun!! Would love a hunk of that bread! My daughter, Laurel, has a Fiat 500 here that is about a year old and it feels surprisingly comfortable, not too too small. it’s brown and so round, it looks like a chocolate drop.

    • Hi Rhonda – apparently they really are quite comfy although they do look tiny. Your daughter drives a Fiat 500 in the US, I am surprised, would have thought it would be rated as too small to safely drive in the states, if most other cars are monstrous SUVs – whose bumper is on the height of your windscreen. Sounds cute – chocolate drop )

      • Yep, there are more of them all the time. She lives in Chicago, but in SF (where my other daughter
        lives) parking is so hard to come by, yo see lots of them for squeezing into small spaces, I imagine.

  7. Hi Poli,
    I hate to contradict Angie in her comment, above, but I have to admit that I love small cars too!
    I’ve had a dream for some years now of owning a beautiful little Figaro –
    I’m not sure if it’s because it’s such a cute car, or because to own it you’d have to have a life where you weren’t suddenly having to cart around hundreds of children / rooms full of possessions as they move from one uni room to another… and I’m sure it doesn’t go very fast, so the whole pace of life would have to step gracefully down…!!
    One day 🙂
    Emma x.

    • Hi Emma 🙂 – thanks so much for stopping by. you make me smile, I had to look up the figaro, and I concur, it’s is beautiful little car. It immediately makes me think of unhurried ladies in elegant clothes off for a drive in the countryside to a gastropub with a lovely garden in full bloom, there to sip cold wine and have lunch while somebody reads them poetry. I think maybe the car does evoke a desired lifestyle, I can certainly see it as soon as I look at the car, and it is easy to understand the desire for less is more, less running around, lugging children, garden plants, neighbours wheelchairs, suitcases, bags of earth, bags of shopping, bottles of waters, pets to vets, it seems like life is one long sprint, and the figaro looks like it is made for a quiet leisurely pootle with the theme tune to Agatha Christie running in the background.
      Thanks so much for taking me with you on your Figaro journey. It is fun what thoughts a photo of a tiny car elicit .) Happy Sunday – must get back to my ppt slides……..while the sun shines outside and I contemplate a walk with a dog, but work comes first…Poli

      • Agatha Christie theme tune, absolutely –
        and perfectly styled hair…
        Back to the cleaning now, then I’m with you and taking the dog out – dream on!!

      • well reality only happens if we dare dream – naturally a bit of a think positive statement – but in order to get the figaro lifestyle it’s important to know thats what you are aiming for (next life perhaps :)) happy cleaning

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