On the value of silence

IMG_3323This made me smile. I love visiting churches, feeling the atmosphere, enjoying the stillness and the play of the suns rays as they illuminate the windows and then lose themselves in the dusk inside. I love the scent of incense in Catholic churches, and the intricate mosaic floors. The most beautiful church in the world is the St Chappelle on Paris,  although the Vassily church on the red square in Moscow, especially on the inside is also beautiful. The outside was more beautiful before they renovated it to death, Siena’s churches have a special atmosphere, and if you like monasteries the Rila monastery in Bulgaria is definitely worth a visit, as is the whole country, the landscapes are breathtaking, or the Jeronimos Monastery in Lisbon, or if it’s convents that make you happy then back in Moscow to Novoidievichy you must go, with its’ golden roofs. By the way if you were wondering, I feel  Moscow is best visited in December, it is special then.

But I digress.

The sign above was on the door of a church in Puglia – simple but to the point. It says not literally translated ” to talk to God you don’t need your cell phone. Please switch it off”.  A fitting message for Sunday, but also even if you are not religious for every day. Our days are filled with noise, music in shops, music from people’s headsets on the bus, cars, airplanes, cell phones, cell phone conversations and even if you doubt the existence of God, you have for sure on occasion thought  ” I cannot hear myself think” .  The message above addresses for me any one of the moments in life where noise crushes the stillness and we lose track of what is going on inside and thus of ourselves.

Happy weekend all



13 thoughts on “On the value of silence

  1. I also love a quiet church for sitting and thinking/praying. That’s why I’m glad Catholic churches leave their doors open– so you can slip inside anytime. I agree that St Chapelle is incredibly beautiful. I also find Santa Maria in Trastavere, Rome so simple and sustaining. Maybe because it’s so old and I think of the years of people who have worshipped there. Plus, I adore the strip of Mosiac sheep over the altar.

    • Dear Rhonda – thanks so much for commenting – I cannot remember having visited Santa Maria in Trastavere in Rome – I must make a note of it for a future visit. Mosaic sheep over the altar, sounds perfect!

  2. I’m not religious but couldn’t agree more! Have you visited Troia’s cathedral in Puglia? It’s a Norman stunner.

    • Hello there – thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, really appreciated. I don’t yet know Troia’s cathedral, I- a quick online recce confirms that it must go on my list of cathedrals to visit for the next time I am down there!
      Have a lovely Sunday.

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