Protecting the village from the sea


IMG_3362Italy is a catholic land, a  land of statues and crucifixes, small shrines by the roadside adorned with fresh flowers, and processions of men carrying the statues of village Saints through the village, on the Saints name day. As a non-catholic it’s all a bit confusing, I confess. However, when I saw this statue of Jesus Christ on a small hill, surrounded by flowers, I found it both beautiful and somehow moving. The statue stands  between the village and the sea atop a small man-made hill of flowers. Despite the harsh conditions, being the worse for wear and the fact that the stone is all but weathered away, the statue stands there still. a symbol of eternity.  I liked that and wanted to share it with you.

This is also my happy birthday message for Rhonda (Rhonda’s ), whose blog I like to read,  it is her 42nd  birthday this week. Rhonda I felt sure you would like this picture, a very happy birthday to you!



7 thoughts on “Protecting the village from the sea

  1. Hi Poli– the picture is beautiful and moving–something that surely has meaning for some of the people there. I wonder if I’m the Rhonda of the birthday wishes. If so, I’m so surprised and pleased you’d notice– you are amazing…

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