Sunday afternoon in Alsace

IMG_8424Recently we spent a long weekend on a boat in the Alsace – on the river bank a mum was playing with her two children. It reminded me of a bygone era, where families spent time outdoors together, where children spent more time getting grass stains on their trousers, and plasters on limbs scratched exploring blackberry bushes and the wilderness behind the house, than playing video games and being hyper on sugary drinks. A time like my own childhood which was spent outdoors in the garden observing insects and digging for clay in the river, discovering and observing and experience the world around me. This photo and what it represents makes me feel peaceful and as though many things are still right with the world.


25 thoughts on “Sunday afternoon in Alsace

    • Hi Selma – it has hasnt it, although apparently it’s possible to keep some good things alive – this photo was taken 4 weeks ago in 2014 so ipads and iphones and computer games dont have to dominate every day life πŸ™‚ it would seem

    • Hello there – we are in full summer, and of course enjoying it immensly which is why your bbq recipe is still in my head, and the need to find the Gochuchang or however it is spelled sauce πŸ™‚ on the other hand just walked past a field of bullocks today and thought, they dont look like they want to be eaten…..but your recipe is only for the bread so no dilemma there πŸ™‚

  1. I share your views on this completely πŸ™‚
    A little besides the point but this post reminded me of some thing I read… ” I miss those times when the toughest decision to make was picking your crayon….”

    • I like that sentence, I agree, it is also back in childhood, whereas now the decisions we have to make just never stop, and I suspect that when you were small you too probably wanted the right to make all your own decisions πŸ™‚ I know I did, and now I’d be happy to delegate many to someone else – we remember simpler gentler times when it was all about grassstains and crayons πŸ™‚

      • I know I was the same – I remember telling someone not to treat me like a moron just because I am only little….in my memory I was 3 but this seems suspicious now. However, I do remember kicking peoples shins who wanted to sit me on their lap and cuddle me from a very early age πŸ™‚

    • that is the peaceful version, the other would be – I want them all πŸ™‚ met someone with 5 kids yesterday, they live in the middle of nowhere in the Swiss hills and he showed me photos of the kids they spend weekends hiking fishing and gutting the fish, or sailing, and when they are home they dress up and go out into the yard and play theater, beautiful kids beautfiul pictures and a lovely way to raise them I thought. Good old days, But then they are miles away from anywhere, which makes it easier

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