Can’t stop traffic with your looks alone? Just get red hair…. 10 rules for hair the Swiss way!


1) If you are not sure what shade you want, be assured, it can never be red enough

2) any kind of henna is good

3) ideally  a glo in the dark shade of red is the best

4) match the hair to the red  the plastic bag attached to your child’s pram and you have a fashion statement

5) If you want to add some extra pzazz – add black tips

6) if you want to be really exotic, mix red and purple!

7) not young enough for fire engine red anymore?  – Then go for dark aubergine purple!

8) if you cannot stop traffic with your looks alone, then get REALLY red hair, someone might mistake you for a traffic light (I took this photo while stuck at a traffic light the woman was far away but her hair caught my eye)

9) If you are not sure whether red is really you go for the toned down look – with different multi-coloured spikes, and don’t let anyone tell you you are too old.  (if you are not sure read the poem by Jenny Joseph, when I am an old woman I shall wear purple

(ps I dont want to humiliate people so I have hidden their faces which seems only fair, makes for weird pictures, a bit Francis Baconesque, but otherwise it would be horrid. and this is meant to be a bit of fun poking, not nasty. After all if we are honest if you get to an older age and you are perky enough to go out with multicoloured spikes you are one cool old bird!)



10) And if that is still too much you can opt for black with white stripes! Like a skunk methinks? (I jest I jest)





11 thoughts on “Can’t stop traffic with your looks alone? Just get red hair…. 10 rules for hair the Swiss way!

  1. When I was young I hated my red hair I wanted to be goth never blond but goth/black never suited me. So I thought sod it if I can’t beat them join them and I dyed my red hair with hennae and permed it with chopsticks the length was down mid back was quite a sight to see. Now my hairs darkened the red not so obvious and this happens as one gets older. But I miss my red hair hence my gravatar cartoon based on me but my alter ego with the colour hair I would have if younger! X

  2. Beautiful! The hairstyle of the woman with the shopping cart reminds me of a mature aged check-out operator (COO). The customer in front was trying to engage her in conversation by inquiring whether the hairstyle was for Halloween. Suffice to say the COO was highly offended by the question as she thought it looked good!

    • 🙂 yes I think the lady with the shopping cart also picked the hair as a style choice – either that or her niece is training to be a hairdresser and she wanted to be supportive and sit as a model

  3. Poli– you really had me laughing with #4 about the matching red bag!! and I agree– if someone of a certain age has the nerve to go multi-colored, we’ll here’s to her! Me, I stick to mousy brown. Fun, fun post.

    • Hi there – match the bag check (I had on orange shoes (Italian) and orange matching bag (different Italian brand) BUT no orange hair today 🙂 – oh yes and multicoloured at a certain age -. more power to her indeed. Me I too stick to mousy colours – is it better, it works for me 🙂

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