Swiss hair – burnt eggplant style


IMG_3756Ok I know you all think I am exaggerating and so I bring you the first picture of a series of Swiss hairstyles, sadly the picture above is not an anomaly but  a type of cut and colour you can encounter quite frequently on the streets of this wealthy country that makes the worlds most beautiful and desirable watches, and has beautiful landscapes – maybe the inhabitants have to compensate so much natural beauty with bad hair – just so it all doesn’t become too twee?


27 thoughts on “Swiss hair – burnt eggplant style

  1. I confess I might have to delete this photo as it doesnt do anything for my esthetic sensibilities, It kind of destroys the look of the rest of the site. Hm

  2. to each his own– my daughter posted a pic on Facebook and it looked like her hair was HALF bright purple– so I commented– “Do I see purple hair? (tell me is isn’t so!)” But it was — still lovely orange hair (her real color) in front and purple down the back. love that girl–even with crazy hair…

    • oh yes – of course crazy hair growing up is fully normal, I dyed mine green only a part of it, really very minimal back when I was 16 and couldn’t understand the fuss- thats a quasi Hair-statement – and I guess half black and red is also a statement, I guess my problem is with grown up serious hair that is a weird bright colour. I suppose I am being inconsistent. and I will just say, really red hair suits almost nobody and I dont know why only the Swiss and the Germans love it so much but no other population I have come across considers it a beautifier..

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