25 things you could do if you didn’t have to work every day..*

IMG_37881) read the collected works of Leo Tolstoi

2) use all the beauty products you have stashed in the bathroom for that elusive day when you will pamper yourself – the milk bath crystals, the hot sugar scrub, the body oils, the hair mask, the face mask……

3) do an intense mani- pedicure at home while watching soap operas all afternoon, or just the boxed series Coupling with if you have  British sense of humour and are not easily embarrassed it will have you in stitches, I thought it was great

4) watch all the reruns of game of thrones while it is raining outside while having a glass of chilled white wine

5) spend time on amazon looking through top cook books you might need to buy as the last one you bought was ages ago

6) write thank you notes to friends who invited you to dinner 2 years ago, using all that wonderful stationery you keep for this occasion and the ink pen you love, because it is exquisite craftsmanship, but that stains your fingers with ink any time you fill it because you never really mastered the art

7) Go through all your old text messages from friends and catch up with those you havent talked to in ages

8) surprise your mum and take her out for a cream tea ( if you are not in Switzerland that is but somewhere where you can get a real cream tea, like England…) – alternatively surprise your mum, book a hotel in London and a flight and fly her over to the UK for cream tea. Go to Harrods and enjoy the food hall while you are at it.

9) Peruse the Harrods website and the UK chef website, both of which let you order great ingredients you cannot source where you are at, (in my case Switzerland)

10) Go for long dirty damp and glorious walks with dogs in the forest, ideally when it is raining. Don’t take an umbrella, revel in getting soaked, in the certain knowledge that nobody gives a salted- caramel how your hair looks as you don’t need to look perky and professional for a meeting. Get muddy and dirty, run along the muddy wood trails whooping and playing and knowing that even though you are not 12 anymore, you can still feel however young and exuberant you want to inside!

11) Get your hair done regularly (not red..) (I know superficial, and ideally if you work you need to do this too..) a friend of mine stopped working 1 year ago and since then hasnt had a hair cut and now wears her hair long in a becoming shade of grey. Looks great actually.

12) go to the gym regularly or at least move more than 25 minutes (10 to the car, 4 out of the car, 4 back to the car 10 home) on average each day

13) edit that novel you have had in a computer hard-drive that crashed 5 years ago, but that you had restored so you could finally finish it, and while you are at it reacquaint yourself with the story that you wrote in 2008…resubmit to an editor. Concentrate hard and think positive thoughts.

14) get out the paints you stashed on top of your cupboard and the many big canvasses and go wild painting and sketching, not for any other reason than just to have fun and throw some paint around

15) finally invite your aunt over for dinner that you promised her 5 weeks ago

16) wake up when you feel like it in the mornings, sit on the balcony, listen to the birds and inhale the scent of trees and grass and summer while drinking a latte macchiato

17) go through all the boxes of photographs that you haven’t ever had the time to organize, or go through all your photo folders on the computer and order photo books (also order all bills, sort through old paper and throw out the paper you don’t need anymore – on a regular work-night after work I never manage to convince myself to do this, the pain is too much).

18) take regular yoga and meditation classes instead of finding yourself stuck to the computer day and night

19) go through any piles of clothes you no longer need, sort through the basement, give old furniture to goodwill

20) spend a day on jungleseeds.co.uk and order lots of cool plants that because you have time to tend them won’t die on your balcony

21) learn  to be fluent  in Italian, Turkish and Arabic (not just shukran and baksheesh) ( all the better to read native language cook books with)

22) spend some time with your sister on a spa-mini-break relaxed and contented with days outdoors, nights having lovely dinners and evenings sitting in the hotel room with a custard cream and a tea in pjamas reminiscing about the time you were 6 and she was two and you promised her if you cut her (beautiful curly hair off) she would be allowed to cut yours off too, a game of hairdressers (sadly after I cut hers off we were called to dinner..) her hair never grew back curly. She is still traumatized. But would also still come on a spa-mini-break with me.

23) spend hours going through your cookbook collection and plan  and cook healthy interesting vegetarian and vegan dinners from scratch using lots of legumes etc. Welcome your loved one home to a tidy home full of the scents of healthy dinners, not to hair tearing and ranting about crashed computer programs and lost ppt files.

24) Revel in your perfectly tidy, organized apartment where nothing is out of place and following William Morris you only have things that you know to be useful or believe to be beautiful

25) Be a better guest when you go out for dinner or weekends with friends, because you are not either worrying about the week that has just gone by, or the week that is to come, but can celebrate the moment!


* or you are better organized than me..


22 thoughts on “25 things you could do if you didn’t have to work every day..*

  1. Ahhh from your mouth to my ears. The hair raising, gut wrenching, traumatic separation anxiety of trying to get out of the office for a holiday is fn killing me EVERY SINGLE TIME! And it is three weeks from now. Hate when I am like this.

    • 🙂 hey there, yes I know I havent even planned a holiday yet, right now its head down and pull that cart – as I love a challenge though in the vein of boldly going where no woman has gone before (in my creative mind) I am enjoying every minute, then again if I ever get down to SA and enjoy the garden route and get to drink your wines where they were grown I also will not complain for a second! Good luck with your countdown! And happy hols when they arrive!

      • Thank you! Onwards and upwards for us then. Yes, at least we are passionate about work too. Turkey in three weeks. Bliss. In the mean time I shall dream about the list you made, for one day far, far away……Remember your kakhi big five hunting gear and sandals with socks when you visit SA!

      • true, onwards and upwards 🙂 and yes the khaki hunting gear and sandals with socks, I remember that’s how you spot German tourists at the airport although I am pretty sure that the red hair helps 🙂 – what holiday is coming up with turkey? too early for thanksgiving? or are you celebrating 9th august womans days? hm – google no help! and it for sure isnt christmas!

  2. No 10 is my favourite – a dirty damp walk in the rain with the dogs – no worrying about how you look or have to look – sigh. Brilliant list – made me realise how tunnel visioned I can get when getting on with the daily grind…

    • ah the daily grind – yes nose to the grindstone, shoulder that backpack of duties ladies and onwards, MARCH 🙂 – I do too, I haven’t done most of the things listed in years but even just reminding I liked doing them was good!

    • Ah Tolstoy or Tolstoi – the bane of daily existence in a german speaking country where your IP address dictates what language you get while searching, funnily enough I had him down as Tolstoy when I first wrote the post, then thought, must check, which i did – in German its Tolstoi – and so I now have the German spelling 🙂 no wonder both spellings looked correct to me! I havent read much by him but I love his sentence structure.

      • I think he’d be so thrilled knowing you are talking about him so many years after his death, that he wouldn’t mind whether you used the Russian, English or German spelling of his name!

    • I know – when you are not at home all day you believe you would do all the stuff on the list, but then when you are home for a week you realise there are another 25 things you also have to do at home until you get to the stuff you want to do!

  3. Hi Poil– I was smiling on this one by the time I finished the title! Even your comment replies are brilliant– “head down and pull the cart” & “red hair helps.” Put me on the list of people who love your idea of the muddy, messing walk in the woods. And I fully intend to take my “Mum” to cream tea and spend a time away with my sis! And I know a little (or a lot) of Yoga would do me a world of good… I do (thankfully) retire in 3 years and I AM keeping this list! Inspiring (and darn funny because they’re so true!). Love your posts Poli!

    • THANKS a lot! number 2 yes I know, I have loads of oils but usually am in too much of hurry to use them as cannot get back into proper clothes after using,….and number 3 professional at home – yes that would be perfection and bliss all rolled in to one – I agree I should update the list 🙂

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