So you want to be famous?


There you have it in a nutshell – I cannot remember having read an interview with a famous musician, writer, artist of any kind who said they got where they were by being insanely talented alone – all of them mentioned the hard work, the deprivations and the focus needed to get to where they ended up.  The only people (as far as I can tell), who ever intimate that great results are achievable by controlled effort and dedicated focus alone, provided you are  very organized and know how to delegate, are the top managers. Typically men, although I am sure there are some ladies out there, who claim that they need only need 4 hours of sleep, and while they work a lot, they also manage to enjoy a great work life balance, because they plan well, drink lots of green raw smoothies and do regular exercise and also make sure to have time to play with their  4  small children, and their dog and enjoy a great relationship with their beautiful wife.  All of this gives them the energy to do spectacular stuff in the boardroom. I admit I suspect that there is fact fudging going on when anyone makes these claims,  but maybe I should be more trusting….

Any thoughts?

11 thoughts on “So you want to be famous?

    • very true, be the best you can be, I think that is a great motto to live by – buried in there is also the important fact that there is no point in comparing yourself to others – as they are “other” and also you can only ever see the surface of someone else s life, house, relationship etc. Comparing only leads to misery – not that it is always easy to not compare. And also true, if you are happier, everyone else is happier – the baby must be due about now? did I miss him/her – are you still eating kilos of avocados? Poli

      • I am so curious of what your real name is! 😉 Yes, why compare yourself to others when you can simply be your BEST self? I think different life stages and short-term situations make this challenge hard, but just. keep. moving. forward. Baby is due in the fall, and we are eating a lot of avocados over seared fish, in salads and on grilled fajitas these days. Cheers!

      • hello Shanna 🙂 – agree with you different life stages and short term situations make it hard but you are also right that the only thing to do is to keep moving forward. And to be ones best self, every day, despite the setbacks. Sometimes I am surprised when people tell me they admire or envy me for something that it would never have crossed my mind I could be envied for – and I guess that is the way of the world, what is innately a part of who you are is so much a part of you that you dont see it as unique or special in any way until someone else tells you that for them it would be 🙂 and the same when looking out into the world! Ah my name my name – its not rumpelstilskin 🙂 and maybe one day I will “fess up!

  1. Well said, Polianthus. Looking back on my time as an over-achieving “SuperWoman” I always tell people that I could only do what I did by having a lot of help from family, friends, and my team, bosses and colleagues at work. If enough of those parts stopped working, I would have been a mess. People who value the “I” culture, the “top dog” need to have a good look at all the moving parts that allows that person to do what s/he does.

  2. Hi Poli– Top managers aside, it’s so true that diligence is often what carries us through– just keep moving ahead and trust God for how it will all work out…
    P.S.– I’m also waiting to hear the actual name of this talented thinker/writer! But for now, “Poli” will do!

    • Hi Rhonda – funnily enough this is just what I need to read after coming home today – just keep moving ahead and trusting in God that it will all work out..THANK YOU
      P.S. – oh – to take liberties with the bard: a rose by any other name would write the same – but your being curious makes me smile – I appreciate the kind words a lot too, thank you.

  3. Ha! If only… Those people probably also have super blogs that they update daily with super insightful content, even when they have only 4 hours sleep and 20 hours in the office? 🙂

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