I izz boating ……..

IMG_8420Or is it – I see fishies??

Here is my cat – I have written about him a lot, he is more dog than cat, more let me follow you around the house, and come when I hear your footsteps in the garden and huggle and cuddle me as much as you can, than the typical cat. He never gets annoyed or angry, you can slide him down the corridor on his back and he will run back up to you and let you do it again, it’s a game we play!

And so when we went boating, worthy of another blog, beautiful landscapes, we took him with us, figuring he would prefer to be on the boat with us than at home alone.  Not sure we were right, but you can see he was out and about checking out the sights so he did like parts of the adventure.


18 thoughts on “I izz boating ……..

    • Hi Sofia – he is cool – I once took him hiking with me, for about 3 hours on a leash, at the end he got tired so we carried him in a backpack – at the end we went into a restaurant and had a drink and he just lay down in the corridor and had a sleep. like a dog. He is a “mutt” off the streets of Spain

      • He is cool indeed. And if I were to cross you on the streets with him, I would definitely stop to pat and admire him 🙂

      • oh 🙂 and I would say hi – he actually is his own cat – he has his own cat ladder (it is a spiral stair case that was custom built when I moved into the house – the neighbours didnt want a normal one, so I had to have one built) what can I say he is an expensive habit – but that means he comes and goes as he pleases, so I dont usually walk him on a leash, just here on the boat to make sure he doesnt fall in 🙂

    • oh how funny, it is true that the dogs just get out and get on with it! Not sure my cat would be boisterous enough, he is more stuffed toy than sprightly carpe diem, but I have to say he seizes his day exactly the way he likes it, every single day. Lucky lucky him. Do we have them just so we can have them demonstrate true bliss and relaxation for us I wonder, so we can live vicariously?

  1. Lovely! I have my own “wild animal” Jack that does the same. Drapes himself around me like a fur. But you have a sailing cat! I need to talk to Jack about this.

    • sounds like Jack is a fun animal! I have a sailing cat indeed, although it was a motor boat on the Alsatian canals, and he hated the sound of the motor and vibrations, maybe he would have preferred sailing! you have a chat with Jack 🙂

  2. What an absolute sweetie! I love the story about your hiking trip with him!

    My parents have a cat that loves being on their motorboat, but they’ve taken him out since he was a kitten so he’s used to it. But otherwise he’s nothing like your cat – he’s not the friendly and lovable sort at all, he hisses and yowls every time anyone but my Mum and Dad get close. I much prefer cuddly cats! 🙂

    • 🙂 aha – motorboat as a kitten would help, my poor dear didnt much like the motor, it was too loud for his taste. But after a day or two he got used to it, and I was glad to have him to cuddle at night, as I dont much like boats to be honest, give me a 4 star hotel any time…oh well. although being on them during the day and seeing the landscape is amazing so for trips during the day it is great fun. I too prefer cuddly lovely sweet and affectionate cats, havent got any patient for yowly hissy animals. My mum has one, I find it annoying .)

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