Izz got flipchart – or what your cat is really thinking


Oh dear, not a creative thought in sight . We could run out of tuna fish. Oh DEAR, A CALAMITY. But wait? I have a cat-thought. I will help. If I  concentrate really hard and keep the paper really warm  maybe new better thoughtlings will hatch?



14 thoughts on “Izz got flipchart – or what your cat is really thinking

      • It might do – you could start with a small excel table – briliant ideas when blocked by cat bodies on key board, exuding warmth happiness and love and relaxing vibes, versus brilliant ideas when no furry animal is around. I know that if I spend a day at my desk and my cat doesnt appear at some point I will go to seek him out..

  1. Such a pretty coloring!– OK, I do the same thing with babies. Try to imagine what on earth they would be conceiving. What are their thoughts? I wish there was some sort of read-out that could let you know…

    • he is a funny apricot colour – babies oh they think so much they may not say much but they just soak it all in. One of the biggest errors many people make is to assume because a baby is small cannot speak it doesnt get what is happening – so much of our communication is non verbal and the little guys are REALLY good at picking that up -:)

    • oh he is a cutie the dear one, not sure what I would do without him – when I first got him everyone said he was ugly, squinty eyed, short tailed, the opposite of bow legged and with a very high voice, but now everyone has fallen in love with his personality 🙂

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